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tkl.1.1.02 If Heaven grow dry, with feast and offering never more,
tkl.1.1.02 If the Heaven dry up, neither yearly festivals, nor daily worship will be offered in this world, to the Celestials.
tkl.1.1.02 If Heaven its watery treasures ceases to dispense,
tkl.1.1.03 He who guides his Five senses by the hook of Wisdom will be a seed in the World of Heaven.
tkl.1.1.03 Indra, the lord of those in Heaven s wide realms that dwell.
tkl.1.1.03 Indra, the King of the inhabitants of the spacious Heaven, is himself, a sufficient proof of the strength of him who has subdued his Five senses.
tkl.1.1.04 Virtue will confer Heaven and Wealth; what greater source of happiness can man possess
tkl.1.2.01 Shall, mid the Gods, in Heaven who dwell, be placed.
tkl.1.2.01 He who on Earth has lived in the conjugal state as he should live, will be placed among the Gods who dwell in Heaven.
tkl.1.2.04 They say that the felicity which those who, after enjoying the Pleasure (of the conjugal state) in this world, obtain in Heaven is the result of their domestic state imbued with Love.
tkl.1.2.05 He who, having entertained the guests that have come, looks out for others who may yet come, will be a welcome guest to the inhabitants of Heaven.
tkl.1.2.07 Is debt by gift of Heaven and Earth but poorly paid.
tkl.1.2.07 (The gift of) Heaven and Earth is not an equivalent for a benefit which is conferred where none had been received.
tkl.1.2.14 Those who Desire the higher Pleasures (of Heaven) will not act unjustly through Desire of the trifling joy. (in this life.)
tkl.1.2.18 Duty demands no recompense; to clouds of Heaven,
tkl.1.2.19 Though upper Heaven were not, to give is Virtue still.
tkl.1.2.19 To beg is Evil, even though it were said that it is a good path (to Heaven). To give is good, even though it were said that those who do so cannot obtain Heaven.
tkl.1.3.04 What gain, though Virtue s semblance high as Heaven his Fame exalt,
tkl.1.3.04 What avails an appearance (of sanctity) high as Heaven, if his mind suffers (the indulgence) of conscious sin.
tkl.1.3.05 Who seeks Heaven s joys, from impious levity secure,
tkl.1.3.12 A clear, undimmed vision of things will deliver its possessors from the Darkness of Future births, and confer the felicity (of Heaven).
tkl.1.3.12 Heaven is nearer than Earth to those men of purified minds who are freed from from doubt.
tkl.1.3.12 True Knowledge consists in the removal of ignorance; which is (the cause of) births, and the perception of the True Being who is (the bestower of) Heaven.
tkl.2.4.02 Of what good is it (for the high born) to go and stand in vain before those who revile him it only brings him loss of honour and exclusion from Heaven.
tkl.2.4.06 Tis as when rain cloud in the Heaven grows day,
tkl.3.1.03 Is any sweeter joy in his, the Lotus eyed one s Heaven?
tkl.3.1.03 Can the Lotus eyed Vishnu s Heaven be indeed as sweet to those who delight to sleep in the delicate arms of their beloved
tkl.3.2.05 As Heaven on living men showers blessings from above,

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