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tkl.1.2.02 1.2.2 The Goodness of the Help to Domestic Life
tkl.2.1.08 Goodness of mind to lives of men increaseth gain;
tkl.2.1.08 Goodness of mind will give Wealth, and good society will bring with it all praise, to men.
tkl.2.1.08 Although they may have great (natural) Goodness of mind, yet good society will tend to strengthen it.
tkl.2.1.08 Although to mental Goodness joys of other life belong,
tkl.2.1.08 Future bliss is (the result) of Goodness of mind; and even this acquires strength from the society of the good.
tkl.2.2.02 The possession of that Goodness which is called the Goodness of Speech is (even to others) better than any other Goodness.
tkl.2.3.09 The decrease of Friendship with those who look as if they would eat you up (through excess of Love) while they are really destitute of Goodness is far better than its increase.
tkl.2.3.10 To Heartfelt Goodness men ignoble hardly may attain,
tkl.2.3.19 Those who would spread (the Fame of) their own Goodness will not Desire the shoulders of those,who rejoice in their accomplishments and bestow their despicable favours (on all who pay).
tkl.2.3.21 To waste time at the place of Gambling will destroy inherited Wealth and Goodness of character.
tkl.2.4.04 It is said that those who are conscious of their duty and behave with a perfect Goodness will regard as natural all that is good.
tkl.2.4.04 The only delight of the perfect is that of their Goodness; all other (sensual) delights are not to be included among any (true) delights.
tkl.2.4.04 Affection, fear (of sin), benevolence, favour and truthfulness; these are the Five pillars on which perfect Goodness rests.
tkl.2.4.04 Penance consists in the Goodness that kills not and perfection in the Goodness that tells not others faults.
tkl.2.4.04 Of what avail is perfect Goodness if it cannot do pleasing things even to those who have pained (it)
tkl.2.4.05 If one is easy of access to all, it will be easy for one to obtain the Virtue called Goodness.
tkl.2.4.05 The great Wealth obtained by one who has no Goodness will perish like pure milk spoilt by the impurity of the Vessel.

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