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tkl.1.1.01 1.1.1 The Praise of God
tkl.1.1.01 As the letter A is the first of all letters, so the eternal God is first in the world.
tkl.1.1.01 The Two fold deeds that spring from Darkness shall not adhere to those who delight in the true praise of God.
tkl.1.1.01 None can swim the great Sea of births but those who are united to the feet of God.
tkl.1.2.01 The manes, God, guests kindred, self, in due degree,
tkl.1.2.02 No God adoring, low she bends before her lord;
tkl.1.2.02 If she, who does not worship God, but who rising worships her Husband, say, "let it rain," it will rain.
tkl.1.2.03 Than God s Ambrosia sweeter far the Food before men laid,
tkl.1.3.03 Those who have attained the power which religious discipline confers, will be able also to pass the limit of Yama, (the God of death).
tkl.1.3.11 Those who have entirely renounced (all things and all Desire) have obtained (absorption into God); all others wander in confusion, entangled in the net of (many) births.
tkl.2.1.01 That King, will be esteemed a God among men, who performs his own duties, and protects (his subjects).

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