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tkl.1.2.04 And that the bond of rare excelling Friendship binds.
tkl.1.2.04 Love begets Desire: and that Desire() begets the immeasureable excellence of Friendship.
tkl.1.2.07 Forsake not the Friendship of those who have been your staff in adversity. Forget not be benevolence of the blameless.
tkl.1.2.07 Friendship of those who wiped on Earth, The Tears of Sorrow from their Eyes.
tkl.1.2.15 Those who know not to live in Friendship with amusing conversation will by back biting estrange even their relatives.
tkl.1.3.07 The fire of Anger will burn up even the pleasant raft of Friendship.
tkl.1.3.10 Such is the short lived Friendship Soul and body share.
tkl.2.1.05 To secure the Friendship of the great is true Wisdom; it is (also) Wisdom to keep (that Friendship unchanged, and) not opening and closing (like the Lotus Flower).
tkl.2.1.07 Let (a King) ponder well its value, and secure the Friendship of men of Virtue and of mature Knowledge.
tkl.2.1.07 Ten fold, of worthy men the Friendship to forego.
tkl.2.1.07 It is tenfold more injurious to abandon the Friendship of the good, than to incur the hatred of the many.
tkl.2.1.14 Prosperity will leave (the King) who doubts the Friendship of the man who steadily labours in the discharge of his duties.
tkl.2.2.01 The Minister is one who can effect discord (among Foes), maintain the good will of his Friends and restore to Friendship those who have seceded (from him).
tkl.2.2.02 The Minister( s) Speech is that which seeks (to express) elements as bind his Friends (to himself) and is so delivered as to make even his Enemies Desire (his Friendship).
tkl.2.2.07 If a King gets Ministers who can read the movements of the eye, the Eyes (of foreign Kings) will (themselves) reveal (to him) their hatred or Friendship.
tkl.2.3.06 2.3.6. Friendship
tkl.2.3.06 What so hard for men to gain as Friendship true?
tkl.2.3.06 What things are there so difficult to acquire as Friendship What guards are there so difficult to break through by the efforts (of one s Foes)
tkl.2.3.06 Friendship with men fulfilled of good Waxes like the crescent Moon;
tkl.2.3.06 Friendship with men of foolish mood, Like the full orb, waneth soon.
tkl.2.3.06 The Friendship of the wise waxes like the new Moon; (but) that of fools wanes like the full Moon.
tkl.2.3.06 So the Heart by use grows fonder, Bound in Friendship with the good.
tkl.2.3.06 Like learning, the Friendship of the noble, the more it is cultivated, the more delightful does it become.
tkl.2.3.06 Nor for laughter only Friendship all the pleasant day,
tkl.2.3.06 Friendship is to be practised not for the purpose of laughing but for that of being beforehand in giving one another sharp rebukes in case of transgression.
tkl.2.3.06 Living together and holding frequent Intercourse are not necessary (for Friendship); (mutual) understanding can alone create a claim for it.
tkl.2.3.06 The Love that dwells (merely in the smiles of the face is not Friendship; (but) that which dwells deep in the smiles of the Heart is true Friendship.
tkl.2.3.06 Friendship from ruin saves, in way of Virtue keeps;
tkl.2.3.06 (True) Friendship turns aside from Evil (ways) makes (him) walk in the (good) way, and, in case of loss if shares his Sorrow (with him).
tkl.2.3.06 Friendship at once the coming grief will stay.
tkl.2.3.06 (True) Friendship hastens to the rescue of the afflicted (as readily) as the hand of one whose garment is loosened (before an assembly).
tkl.2.3.06 And where is Friendship s royal seat? In stable mind,
tkl.2.3.06 Friendship may be said to be on its throne when it possesses the power of supporting one at all times and under all circumstances, (in the practice or Virtue and Wealth).
tkl.2.3.06 Mean is the Friendship that men blazon forth,
tkl.2.3.06 Though Friends may praise one another saying, "He is so intimate with us, and we so much (with him)"; (still) such Friendship will appear mean.
tkl.2.3.07 For Friendship formed unbroken must endure.
tkl.2.3.07 As those who are of a Friendly nature will not forsake (a Friend) after once loving (him), there is no Evil so great as contracting a Friendship without due inquiry.
tkl.2.3.07 The Friendship contracted by him who has not made repeated inquiry will in the end grieve (him) to death.
tkl.2.3.07 Make Friendship (with one) after ascertaining (his) character, birth, defects and the whole of one s relations.
tkl.2.3.07 The Friendship of one who belongs to a (good) family and is afraid of (being charged with) guilt, is worth even purchasing.
tkl.2.3.07 You should examine and secure the Friendship of those who can speak so as to make you weep over a Crime (before its commission) or rebuke you severely (after you have done it) and are able to teach you (the ways of) the world.
tkl.2.3.07 Friendship of fools to put away.
tkl.2.3.07 It is indead a gain for one to renounce the Friendship of fools.
tkl.2.3.07 Do not think of things that discourage your mind, nor contract Friendship with those who would forsake you in adversity.
tkl.2.3.07 The very thought of the Friendship of those who have deserted one at the approach of adversity will burn one s mind at the time of death.
tkl.2.3.07 Cling to the Friendship of the spotless one s; whate er you pay.
tkl.2.3.07 Continue to enjoy the Friendship of the pure; (but) renounce even with a gift, the Friendship of those who do not agree (with the world).
tkl.2.3.08 Familiarity is Friendship s silent pact,
tkl.2.3.08 Imtimate Friendship is that which cannot in the least be injured by (things done through the) right (of longstanding intimacy).
tkl.2.3.08 Familiar Freedom Friendship s very frame supplies;
tkl.2.3.08 The constituents of Friendship are (things done through) the right of intimacy; to be pleased with such a right is the duty of the wise.
tkl.2.3.08 What Fruit from ancient Friendship s use?
tkl.2.3.08 Of what avail is long standing Friendship, if Friends do not admit as their own actions done through the right of intimacy
tkl.2.3.08 If Friends, through the right of Friendship, do (anything) without being asked, the wise will be pleased with them on account of its desirability.
tkl.2.3.08 Those who stand within the limits (of true Friendship) will not even in adversity give up the intimacy of long standing Friends.
tkl.2.3.08 In strength of Friendship rare of Friend s disgrace who will not hear,
tkl.2.3.08 Friendship of old and faithful Friends,
tkl.2.3.08 They will be Loved by the world, who have not forsaken the Friendship of those with whom they have kept up an unbroken long standing intimacy.
tkl.2.3.09 2.3.9. Evil Friendship
tkl.2.3.09 Though Evil men should all absorbing Friendship show,
tkl.2.3.09 The decrease of Friendship with those who look as if they would eat you up (through excess of Love) while they are really destitute of Goodness is far better than its increase.
tkl.2.3.09 What though you gain or lose Friendship of men of Alien Heart,
tkl.2.3.09 Of what avail is it to get or lose the Friendship of those who Love when there is gain and leave when there is none
tkl.2.3.09 These are alike: the Friends who ponder Friendship s gain
tkl.2.3.09 Friendship who calculate the Profits (of their Friendship), Prostitutes who are bent on obtaining their gains, and thieves are (all) of the same character.
tkl.2.3.09 Tis better not to gain than gain the Friendship Profitless
tkl.2.3.09 It is far better to avoid that to contract the Evil Friendship of the base who cannot protect (their Friends) even when appointed to do so.
tkl.2.3.09 Than form with foolish men a Friendship intimate.
tkl.2.3.09 Than Friendship yields that s formed with Laughers vain.
tkl.2.3.09 What comes from Enemies is a Hundred Million times more Profitable than what comes from the Friendship of those who cause only laughter.
tkl.2.3.09 On your behalf, their Friendship silently eschew.
tkl.2.3.09 Gradually abandon without revealing (beforehand) the Friendship of those who pretend inability to carry out what they (really) could do.
tkl.2.3.09 The Friendship of those whose actions do not agree with their words will distress (one) even in (one s) dreams.
tkl.2.3.09 Avoid even the least approach to a contraction of Friendship with those who would Love you in private but ridicule you in public.
tkl.2.3.10 2.3.10. Unreal Friendship
tkl.2.3.10 Is Friendship s form without consenting mind.
tkl.2.3.10 The Friendship of those who behave like Friends without inward affection is a Weapon that may be thrown when a favourable opportunity presents itself.
tkl.2.3.10 Friendship of those who seem our kin, but are not really kind.
tkl.2.3.10 The Friendship of those who seem to be Friends while they are not, will change like the Love of Women.
tkl.2.3.10 To make them smile, and slap in Friendship s guise.
tkl.2.3.10 It is the duty of Kings to affect great Love but make it die (inwardly); as regard those Foes who shew them great Friendship but despise them (in their Heart).
tkl.2.3.10 When one s Foes begin to affect Friendship, one should Love them with one s looks, and, cherishing no Love in the Heart, give up (even the former).
tkl.2.3.11 Friendship of fools is very pleasant thing,
tkl.2.3.11 The Friendship between fools is exceedingly delightful (to each other): for at parting there will be nothing to cause them pain.
tkl.2.3.13 All calamities are caused by hatred; but by the delight (of Friendship) is caused the great Wealth of good Virtues.
tkl.2.3.15 The World abides in the greatness of that good natured man who behaves so as to turn hatred into Friendship.
tkl.2.3.16 Friendship of Foes, who seem like Kinsmen, fear!
tkl.2.3.16 Fear not Foes (who say they would cut) like a Sword; (but) fear the Friendship of Foes (who seemingly act) like relations.
tkl.2.4.05 It is wrong (for the wise) not to exhibit (good) qualities even towards those who bearing no Friendship (for them) do only what is hateful.
tkl.2.4.06 Strangers will inherit the riches that have been acquired without regard for Friendship, comfort and charity.
tkl.2.4.08 People will eagerly seek the Friendship of the prosperous Soul who has raised his family without foul means.
tkl.3.1.05 Between this maid and me the Friendship kind
tkl.3.2.02 Who work us woe in Friendship s trustful hour,
tkl.3.2.02 He who can produce Sorrow from Friendship, what can he not bring forth out of enmity

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