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tkl.1.1.04 Lust, Evil Speech these Four, man onwards moves in ordered path.
tkl.1.1.04 That conduct is Virtue which is free from these Four things, viz, Malice, Desire, Anger and bitter Speech.
tkl.1.2.11 Hatred and Sin, Fear, foul Disgrace; these Four.
tkl.1.2.11 Hatred, sin, fear, disgrace; these Four will never leave him who goes in to his Neighbour s Wife.
tkl.2.1.01 Courage, a liberal hand, Wisdom, and Energy: these Four
tkl.2.1.01 Never to fail in these Four things, Fearlessness, Liberality, Wisdom, and Energy, is the Kingly character.
tkl.2.1.01 These Four a light of dreaded Kings reveal.
tkl.2.1.01 He is the light of Kings who has there Four things, Beneficence, Benevolence, Rectitude, and care for his people.
tkl.2.1.13 Comports himself? This Four fold test of man will full assurance make.
tkl.2.1.13 Let (a Minister) be chosen, after he has been tried by means of these Four things, viz, his Virtue, (love of) Money, (love of) sexual Pleasure, and fear of (losing) Life.
tkl.2.1.14 Who hath these Four good gifts should ever trusted be.
tkl.2.1.14 Let the choice (of a King) fall upon him who largely possesses these Four things, Love, Knowledge, a clear Mind and Freedom from Covetousness.
tkl.2.1.23 Delay, Oblivion, Sloth, and Sleep: these Four
tkl.2.1.23 Procrastination, Forgetfulness, Idleness, and Sleep, these Four things, form the Vessel which is Desired by those destined to destruction.
tkl.2.3.02 The learned say that a Fortress is an enclosure having these Four (qualities) viz., Height, Breadth, Strength and Inaccessibility.
tkl.2.3.04 To warlike host these Four are sure defence.
tkl.2.3.04 Valour, Honour, following in the excellent footsteps (of its predecessors) and trust worthiness; these Four alone constitute the safeguard of an Army.
tkl.2.3.22 Medical Science consists of Four parts, viz., Patient, Physician, Medicine and Compounder; and each of these (again) contains Four sub divisions.
tkl.2.4.01 A cheerful countenance, Liberality, pleasant words, and an unreviling disposition, these Four are said to be the proper qualities of the truly high born.

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