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tkl.2.1.01 He who possesses these Six things, an Army, a People, Wealth, Ministers, Friends and a Fortress, is a Lion among Kings.
tkl.2.1.05 True Wisdom wards off woes, A circling Fortress high;
tkl.2.1.05 Wisdom is a Weapon to ward off destruction; it is an inner Fortress which Enemies cannot destroy.
tkl.2.1.12 It is a hazardous thing to attack men in their own country, although they may neither have power nor a good Fortress.
tkl.2.3.01 These make a land, with Fortress sure defence.
tkl.2.3.02 The learned say that a Fortress is an enclosure having these Four (qualities) viz., Height, Breadth, Strength and Inaccessibility.
tkl.2.3.02 To craven Souls no Fortress strength supplies.

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