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tkl.1.1.04 There can be no greater source of good than (the practice of) Virtue; there can be no greater source of Evil than the Forgetfulness of it.
tkl.1.2.17 Even though Forgetfulness meditate not the ruin of another. Virtue will meditate the ruin of him who thus meditates.
tkl.1.3.05 The study of Kindness and the exercise of benevolence is not with those who watch for another s Forgetfulness, though Desire of his property.
tkl.2.1.16 Bring self Forgetfulness than if transcendent wrath control.
tkl.2.1.16 More Evil than excessive Anger, is Forgetfulness which springs from the intoxication of great joy.
tkl.2.1.16 Forgetfulness will destroy Fame, even as constant Poverty destroys Knowledge.
tkl.2.1.23 Procrastination, Forgetfulness, Idleness, and Sleep, these Four things, form the Vessel which is Desired by those destined to destruction.

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