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tkl.1.1.02 Thus rain is known the true Ambrosial Food of all that lives.
tkl.1.1.02 The rain makes pleasant Food for eaters rise;
tkl.1.1.02 As Food itself, thirst quenching draught supplies.
tkl.1.1.02 Rain produces good Food, and is itself Food.
tkl.1.2.01 His descendants shall never fail who, living in the domestic state, fears Vice (in the acquisition of property) and shares his Food (with others).
tkl.1.2.03 Than God s Ambrosia sweeter far the Food before men laid,
tkl.1.2.05 Though Food of immortality should Crown the board,
tkl.1.2.05 It is not fit that one should wish his guests to be outside (his house) even though he were eating the Food of immortality.
tkl.1.2.12 Those who endure abstinence from Food are great, next to those who endure the uncourteous Speech of others.
tkl.1.2.13 He who is envious at a gift (made to another) will with his relations utterly perish destitute of Food and rainment.
tkl.1.2.19 The fiery Disease of hunger shall never touch him who habitually distributes his Food to others.
tkl.1.3.03 It is to provide Food etc, for the Ascetics who have abandoned (the Desire of Earthly possessions) that other persons have forgotten (to practise) austerity
tkl.1.3.09 The chief of all (the Virtues) which authors have summed up, is the partaking of Food that has been shared with others, and the preservation of the mainfold life of other creatures.
tkl.2.1.04 With trifling dole of Food supply the body s need.
tkl.2.1.04 When there is no Food for the ear, give a little also to the stomach.
tkl.2.1.04 Those who in this World enjoy instruction which is the Food of the ear, are equal to the Gods, who enjoy the Food of the sacrifices.
tkl.2.3.02 Impregnable, containing ample stores of Food,
tkl.2.3.06 Learned scroll the more you ponder, Sweeter grows the mental Food;
tkl.2.3.21 Clothes, Wealth, Food, praise, and learning, all depart
tkl.2.3.21 The habit of Gambling prevents the attainment of these Five: clothing, Wealth, Food, Fame and learning.
tkl.2.3.22 If Food( and work are either) excessive or deficient, the Three things enumerated by (medical) writers, Flatulence, Biliousness, and Phlegm, will cause (one) Disease.
tkl.2.3.22 If, Food digested well, in measure due he eat again.
tkl.2.3.22 If (one s Food has been) digested let one eat with moderation; (for) that is the way to prolong the life of an embodied soul.
tkl.2.3.22 Knowing the Food digested well, when hunger prompteth thee,
tkl.2.3.22 (First) assure yourself that your Food has been digested and never fail to eat, when very hungry, whatever is not disagreeable (to you).
tkl.2.3.22 There will be no disaster to one s life if one eats with moderation, Food that is not disagreeable.
tkl.2.4.07 Food, clothing, and other things alike all beings own;
tkl.2.4.07 Food, clothing and the like are common to all men but Modesty is peculiar to the good.
tkl.2.4.09 Who ploughing eat their Food, they truly live:
tkl.2.4.09 Who raise with their own hands the Food on which they live.
tkl.2.4.13 The base will bring an Evil (accusation) against others, as soon as he sees them (enjoying) good Food and clothing.
tkl.3.1.05 Within my Heart my Lover dwells; from Food I turn
tkl.3.2.18 Tis sweeter to digest your Food than tis to eat;

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