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tkl.2.1.07 Has nought to fear from any Foeman s pride.
tkl.2.3.02 Defying all the Foeman s energy.
tkl.2.3.03 Make Money! Foeman s insolence o ergrown
tkl.2.3.10 Such are the Tears that fall from Foeman s Eyes.
tkl.2.3.14 How can he bear his Foeman s enmity?
tkl.2.3.15 Is he who stands alone, object of many Foeman s scorn.
tkl.2.3.15 Nor to your Foeman s Eyes infirmities disclose.
tkl.2.4.02 The means to live, following in Foeman s train.
tkl.2.4.04 With that same Weapon stills his Foeman s rage.

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