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tkl.1.3.01 Think how you felt in presence of some stronger Foe.
tkl.1.3.07 What other Foe to man works such annoy?
tkl.2.1.09 With plans not well matured to rise against your Foe,
tkl.2.1.11 As fighting ram recoils to rush on Foe with heavier stress.
tkl.2.1.12 Begin no work of war, depise no Foe,
tkl.2.1.19 Who builds no Fort whence he may Foe defy,
tkl.2.2.09 Many encountering death in face of Foe will hold their ground;
tkl.2.2.09 As shining Sword before the Foe which sexless being bears,
tkl.2.3.01 Nor famine fierce, nor wasting Plague, nor ravage of the Foe.
tkl.2.3.02 Howe er the circling Foe may strive access to win,
tkl.2.3.04 In adverse hour, to face undaunted might of conquering Foe,
tkl.2.3.05 The learned say that fierceness (incontest with a Foe) is indeed great valour; but to become a benefactor in case of accident (to a Foe) is the extreme (limit) of that valour.
tkl.2.3.05 Is it not a defeat to the valiant to wink and destroy their ferocious look when a lance in cast at them (by their Foe)
tkl.2.3.06 What so sure defence gainst all that Foe can do?
tkl.2.3.14 How can he who is unloving, destitute of powerful aids, and himself without strength overcome the might of his Foe
tkl.2.3.14 To wrath of any Foe he falls an easy prey.
tkl.2.3.14 This man s in every place to every Foe an easy prey.
tkl.2.3.14 The light (of Fame) will never be gained by him who gains not the trifling reputation of having fought an unlearned Foe().
tkl.2.3.15 Though (one s Foe is) aware or not of one s misfortune one should act so as neither to join nor separate (from him).
tkl.3.2.08 O eve, why art thou Foe! thou dost renew my grief.
tkl.3.2.10 O Heart, as a Foe, can I abandon utterly
tkl.3.2.11 The dignity that seeks not him who acts as Foe,

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