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tkl.1.2.07 Friendship of those who wiped on Earth, The Tears of Sorrow from their Eyes.
tkl.2.1.02 Are Eyes, the wise declare, to all on Earth that live.
tkl.2.1.02 Letters and numbers are the Two Eyes of man.
tkl.2.1.02 Men who learning gain have Eyes, men say;
tkl.2.1.02 The learned are said to have Eyes, but the unlearned have (merely) Two sores in their face.
tkl.2.1.07 The King, since counsellors are Monarch s Eyes,
tkl.2.1.07 As a King must use his Ministers as Eyes (in managing his Kingdom), let him well examine their character and qualifications before he engages them.
tkl.2.1.20 Of what avail is a song if it be inconsistent with harmony what is the use of Eyes which possess no kindliness.
tkl.2.1.20 Beyond appearing to be in the face, what good do they do, those Eyes in which is no well regulated Kindness
tkl.2.1.20 Benignity is Eyes adorning grace;
tkl.2.1.20 Without it Eyes are wounds disfiguring face.
tkl.2.1.20 Kind looks are the Ornaments of the Eyes; without these they will be considered (by the wise) to be merely Two sores.
tkl.2.1.20 Whose Eyes neath brow infixed diffuse no ray
tkl.2.1.20 They resemble the trees of the Earth, who although they have Eyes, never look kindly (on others).
tkl.2.1.20 Eyeless are they whose Eyes with no benignant Lustre shine;
tkl.2.1.20 Who ve Eyes can never lack the light of grace benign.
tkl.2.1.20 Men without kind looks are men without Eyes; those who (really) have Eyes are also not devoid of kind looks.
tkl.2.1.21 In these let King confide as Eyes.
tkl.2.1.21 Let a King consider as his Eyes these Two things, a Spy and a Book (of laws) universally esteemed.
tkl.2.1.21 Of unsuspected mien and all unfearing Eyes,
tkl.2.2.03 Whose Eyes the ever during vision view.
tkl.2.2.07 Mid all his members, from his Eyes does he obtain?
tkl.2.2.07 Of what use are the Eyes amongst one s members, if they cannot by their own indications dive those of another
tkl.2.2.07 If a King gets Ministers who can read the movements of the eye, the Eyes (of foreign Kings) will (themselves) reveal (to him) their hatred or Friendship.
tkl.2.2.07 The measuring rod of those Ministers() who say "we are acute" will on inquiry be found to be their (own) Eyes and nothing else.
tkl.2.3.05 If Monarch s Eyes o erflow with Tears for Hero slain,
tkl.2.3.05 If Heroes() can so die as to fill with Tears the Eyes of their rulers, such a death deserves to be obtained even by begging.
tkl.2.3.10 Such are the Tears that fall from Foeman s Eyes.
tkl.2.3.12 That man is blind to Eyes that will not see who Knowledge shows;
tkl.2.3.13 The very truth that greatness gives their Eyes can never see,
tkl.2.3.15 Nor to your Foeman s Eyes infirmities disclose.
tkl.2.3.20 The Drunkard s joy is Sorrow to his Mother s Eyes;
tkl.2.4.11 Men bear to stand before their Eyes for help to pray.
tkl.2.4.12 Even from those, like Eyes in worth, who nought concealing gladly give.
tkl.3.1.01 She of the beaming Eyes, To my rash look her glance replies,
tkl.3.1.01 He comes in Lovely Maiden s guise, With Soul subduing Eyes.
tkl.3.1.01 I never knew before what is called Yama; I see it now; it is the Eyes that carry on a great fight with (the help of) Female qualities.
tkl.3.1.01 But yet those Eyes, that drink my life, Are with the form at strife!
tkl.3.1.01 These Eyes that seem to kill those who look at them are as it were in hostilities with this feminine simplicity.
tkl.3.1.01 Is it Yama, (a pair of) Eyes or a hind Are not all these Three in the looks of this maid
tkl.3.1.01 The shafts that wound this trembling Heart Her Eyes no more would dart.
tkl.3.1.01 Her Eyes will cause (me) no trembling Sorrow, if they are properly hidden by her cruel arched eye brows.
tkl.3.1.01 As veil over angry Eyes Of raging Elephant that lies,
tkl.3.1.01 The cloth that covers the firm bosom of this Maiden is (like) that which covers the Eyes of a rutting Elephant.
tkl.3.1.02 There are Two looks in the dyed Eyes of this (fair one); one causes pain, and the other is the cure thereof.
tkl.3.1.02 A single stolen glance of her Eyes is more than half the Pleasure (of sexual embrace).
tkl.3.1.02 I look on her: her Eyes are on the ground the while:
tkl.3.1.02 The slighting words that Anger feign, while Eyes their Love reveal.
tkl.3.1.02 Is only read aright by Lovers Eyes.
tkl.3.1.02 The words of the mouths are of no use whatever, when there is perfect agreement between the Eyes (of Lovers).
tkl.3.1.04 You deemed, as you saw the Flowers, her Eyes were as Flowers, my soul,
tkl.3.1.04 O my soul, fancying that Flowers which are seen by many can resemble her Eyes, you become confused at the sight of them.
tkl.3.1.04 Darts are the Eyes of her whose shoulders like the bambu bend.
tkl.3.1.04 The complexion of this Bamboo shouldered one is that of a shoot; her teeth, are pearls; her breath, fragrance; and her dyed Eyes, Lances.
tkl.3.1.04 And say, With Eyes of her, rich gems who wears, we cannot vie.
tkl.3.1.04 If the Blue Lotus could see, it would stoop and look at the ground saying, "I can never resemble the Eyes of this excellent Jewelled one."
tkl.3.1.04 If as her face, whose Eyes are Flowers, thou wouldst have charms for me,
tkl.3.1.04 Shine for my Eyes alone, O Moon, shine not for all to see!
tkl.3.1.04 O Moon, if you wish to resemble the face of her whose Eyes are like (these) Flowers, do not appear so as to be seen by all.
tkl.3.1.05 Her charms fade not, whose Eyes gleam like the Warrior s dart.
tkl.3.1.05 If I had forgotten her who has bright battling Eyes, I would have remembered (thee); but I never forget her. (Thus says he to her maid).
tkl.3.1.05 My Loved one s subtle form departs not from my Eyes;
tkl.3.1.05 My Lover would not depart from mine Eyes; even if I wink, he would not suffer (from pain); he is so ethereal.
tkl.3.1.05 My Love doth ever in my Eyes reside;
tkl.3.1.05 As my Lover abides in my Eyes, I will not even paint them, for he would (then) have to conceal himself.
tkl.3.1.05 I fear his form to hide, nor close my Eyes:
tkl.3.1.06 My Eyes know no repose for that same simple maid.
tkl.3.1.06 Mine Eyes will not close in sleep on your mistress s account; even at midnight will I think of mounting the Palmyra Horse.
tkl.3.1.06 Before my Eyes the foolish make a mock of me,
tkl.3.1.07 Not knowing the value of her whose Eyes are like Flowers this Town has got up a rumour about me.
tkl.3.2.02 Could mine Eyes travel like my thoughts to the abode (of my absent lord), they would not swim in this flood of Tears.
tkl.3.2.03 3.2.3. Eyes consumed with Grief
tkl.3.2.03 I saw: why then should weeping Eyes complain?
tkl.3.2.03 As this incurable malady has been caused by my Eyes which showed (him) to me, why should they now weep for (him).
tkl.3.2.03 How glancing Eyes, that rash unweeting looked that day,
tkl.3.2.03 The dyed Eyes that (then) looked without foresight, why should they now endure Sorrow, without feeling sharply (their own fault).
tkl.3.2.03 The Eyes that threw such eager gLances round erewhile
tkl.3.2.03 Those Eyes have wept till all the fount of Tears is dry,
tkl.3.2.03 These painted Eyes have caused me a lasting mortal Disease; and now they can weep no more, the Tears having dried up.
tkl.3.2.03 Mine Eyes have caused me a Lust that is greater than the Sea and (they themselves) endure the torture of Sleeplessness.
tkl.3.2.03 The Eyes that have given me this Disease have themselves been seized with this (suffering). Oh! I am much delighted.
tkl.3.2.03 The Eyes that became tender and gazed intently on him, may they suffer so much as to dry up the fountain of their Tears.
tkl.3.2.03 He is indeed here who Loved me with his Lips but not with his Heart but mine Eyes suffer from not seeing him.
tkl.3.2.03 Thus every way my Eyes have troubles hard to bear.
tkl.3.2.03 When he is away they do not sleep; when he is present they do not sleep; in either case, mine Eyes endure unbearable agony.
tkl.3.2.03 When Eyes, as mine, like beaten tambours, make the mystery plain.
tkl.3.2.03 It is not difficult for the people of this place to understand the secret of those whose Eyes, like mine, are as it were beaten drums.
tkl.3.2.06 Set not; so may st thou prosper, Moon! that Eyes may see
tkl.3.2.07 If my Fish like painted Eyes should, at my begging, close in sleep, I could fully relate my sufferings to my lord.
tkl.3.2.09 Thine Eyes grown dim are now ashamed the fragrant flow rs to see,
tkl.3.2.09 While we endure the unbearable Sorrow, your Eyes weep for him who is gone afar, and shun (the
tkl.3.2.09 The discoloured Eyes that shed Tears profusely seem to betray the Unkindness of our beloved.
tkl.3.2.09 The maid s large liquid Eyes were dimmed with care.
tkl.3.2.09 When but a breath of breeze penetrated our embrace, her large cool Eyes became sallow.
tkl.3.2.09 Was it at the sight of what the bright forehead had done that the sallowness of her Eyes became sad?
tkl.3.2.10 O rid me of these Eyes, my Heart; for they,
tkl.3.2.10 O my soul! take my Eyes also with you, (if not), these would eat me up (in their Desire) to see him.
tkl.3.2.12 My Eyes have lost their brightness, sight is dimmed; my fingers worn,
tkl.3.2.12 My finger has worn away by marking (on the wall) the days he has been absent while my Eyes have lost their Lustre and begin to fail.
tkl.3.2.12 O let me see my spouse again and sate these longing Eyes!
tkl.3.2.12 When he returns, my spouse, dear as these Eyes to me.
tkl.3.2.12 On the return of him who is as dear as my Eyes, am I displeased or am I to embrace (him); or am I to do both?
tkl.3.2.13 Though you would conceal (your feelings), your painted Eyes would not, for, transgressing (their bounds), they tell (me) something.
tkl.3.2.13 Unusually great is the Female simplicity of your maid whose Beauty fills my Eyes and whose shoulders resemble the Bamboo.
tkl.3.2.13 Concealed in budding smile of this dear Damsel s Eyes.
tkl.3.2.13 To express their Love sickness by their Eyes and resort to begging bespeaks more than ordinary Female excellence.
tkl.3.2.14 Though my Eyes disregard me and do what is pleasing to my Husband, still will they not be satisfied unless they see him.
tkl.3.2.14 Like the Eyes which see not the pencil that paints it, I cannot see my Husband s fault (just) when I meet him.
tkl.3.2.14 She once feigned dislike in her Eyes, but the warmth of her embrace exceeded my own.
tkl.3.2.16 Of wives with Flowery Eyes lacks not a Lovely grace.
tkl.3.2.16 An increased shyness in those whose Eyes are like Flowers is beautiful even to good and virtuous Husbands.
tkl.3.2.17 You are given to prostitution; all those who are born as Womankind enjoy you with their Eyes in an ordinary way. I will not embrace you.
tkl.3.2.17 When I said I would never part from her in this life her Eyes were filled with Tears.

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