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tkl.1.2.08 That equity which consists in acting with equal regard to each of (the Three) divisions of men Enemies[, Strangers and Friends] is a pre eminent Virtue.
tkl.1.2.13 To those who cherish envy that is enough. Though free from Enemies that (envy) will bring destruction.
tkl.1.2.17 To do no Evil to Enemies will be called the chief of all Virtues.
tkl.1.3.03 If (the Ascetic) Desire the destruction of his Enemies, or the aggrandizement of his Friends, it will be effected by (the power of) his austerities.
tkl.2.1.05 Wisdom is a Weapon to ward off destruction; it is an inner Fortress which Enemies cannot destroy.
tkl.2.1.06 If (a King) enjoys, privately the things which he Desires, the designs of his Enemies will be useless.
tkl.2.1.07 There will be nothing left for Enemies to do, against him who has the power of acting (so as to secure) the fellowship of worthy men.
tkl.2.1.12 Even the powerless will become powerful and conquer, if they select a proper field (of action), and guard themselves, while they make War on their Enemies.
tkl.2.1.19 (his Enemies).
tkl.2.1.21 His officers, his Friends, his Enemies,
tkl.2.1.21 He is a Spy who watches all men, to wit, those who are in the King s employment, his relatives, and his Enemies.
tkl.2.1.23 If idleness take up its abode in a King of high birth, it will make him a slave of his Enemies.
tkl.2.1.25 The elevation, which even his Enemies will esteem, will be gained by him, who regards pain as Pleasure.
tkl.2.2.01 Far better are Seventy crores of Enemies (for a King) than a Minister at his side who intends (his) ruin.
tkl.2.2.02 The Minister( s) Speech is that which seeks (to express) elements as bind his Friends (to himself) and is so delivered as to make even his Enemies Desire (his Friendship).
tkl.2.3.01 A Kingdom is that which is without various (irregular) associations, destructive internal Enemies, and murderous savages who (sometimes) harass the Sovereign.
tkl.2.3.02 A Fort is that which derives excellence from the stratagems made (by its inmates) to defeat their Enemies in the Battlefield.
tkl.2.3.08 Even Enemies will Love those who have never changed in their affection to their long standingFriends.
tkl.2.3.09 What comes from Enemies is a Hundred Million times more Profitable than what comes from the Friendship of those who cause only laughter.
tkl.2.3.10 Though (one s) Enemies may have mastered many good books, it will be impossible for them to become truly loving at Heart.

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