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tkl.1.1.02 Famine, sore torment, stalks over Earth s vast ocean girdled plain.
tkl.1.1.02 If clouds their Wealth of waters fail on Earth to pour,
tkl.1.1.02 Will men on Earth the Heavenly ones adore.
tkl.1.1.03 As counting those that from the Earth have passed away,
tkl.1.1.03 Their greatness Earth transcends, who, way of both worlds weighed,
tkl.1.1.03 The greatness of those who have discovered the properties of both states of being, and renounced the world, shines forth on Earth (beyond all others).
tkl.1.1.03 The secret word shall to the Earth proclaim.
tkl.1.2.01 He who on Earth has lived in the conjugal state as he should live, will be placed among the Gods who dwell in Heaven.
tkl.1.2.03 That their Children should possess Knowledge is more pleasing to all men of this great Earth than to themselves.
tkl.1.2.04 Sweetness on Earth and rarest bliss above,
tkl.1.2.06 Humility with pleasant Speech to man on Earth,
tkl.1.2.07 Is debt by gift of Heaven and Earth but poorly paid.
tkl.1.2.07 (The gift of) Heaven and Earth is not an equivalent for a benefit which is conferred where none had been received.
tkl.1.2.07 The gift itself, in excellence transcends the Earth.
tkl.1.2.07 Friendship of those who wiped on Earth, The Tears of Sorrow from their Eyes.
tkl.1.2.10 Decorum s true nobility on Earth;
tkl.1.2.11 Who re good indeed, on Earth begirt by ocean s gruesome tide?
tkl.1.2.12 As Earth bears up the men who delve into her Breast,
tkl.1.2.12 To bear with those who revile us, just as the Earth bears up those who dig it, is the first of Virtues.
tkl.1.2.12 Who bear have praise till Earth shall pass away.
tkl.1.2.13 If man can learn to envy none on Earth,
tkl.1.2.15 Tis charity, I ween, that makes the Earth sustain their load.
tkl.1.2.18 By men on Earth, what answering gift is given?
tkl.1.2.20 Nought lives on Earth that shall not die.
tkl.1.2.20 If one has acquired extensive Fame within the limits of this Earth, the World of the Gods will no longer praise those sages who have attained that world.
tkl.1.2.20 If Earth the burthen bear of men without renown.
tkl.1.3.01 The teeming Earth s vast realm, round which the wild winds blow,
tkl.1.3.01 This great rich Earth over which the wind blows, is a witness that Sorrow never comes upon the kind Hearted.
tkl.1.3.03 By men on Earth are works of painful penance done.
tkl.1.3.07 The hand that smites the Earth unfailing feels the sting;
tkl.1.3.12 Away, nearer is heav n than Earth to Sage s soul.
tkl.1.3.12 Heaven is nearer than Earth to those men of purified minds who are freed from from doubt.
tkl.2.1.02 Are Eyes, the wise declare, to all on Earth that live.
tkl.2.1.12 The Boat that skims the Sea, runs not on Earth s hard plain.
tkl.2.1.12 Wide Chariots, with mighty Wheels, will not run on the ocean; neither will ships that the traverse ocean, move on the Earth.
tkl.2.1.17 All Earth looks up to heav n whence raindrops fall;
tkl.2.1.17 The King all the whole realm of Earth protects;
tkl.2.1.19 Earth can no heavier burthen bear!
tkl.2.1.19 The Earth bears up no greater burden than ignorant men whom a cruel sceptre attaches to itself (as the Ministers of its Evil deeds).
tkl.2.1.20 All other men are burthen for the Earth to bear.
tkl.2.1.20 The prosperity of the World springs from the kindliness, the existence of those who have no (kindliness) is a burden to the Earth.
tkl.2.1.20 Of grace; like tree in Earth infixed are they.
tkl.2.1.20 They resemble the trees of the Earth, who although they have Eyes, never look kindly (on others).
tkl.2.1.20 By them as very own may all the Earth be won.
tkl.2.1.23 Though lords of Earth unearned possessions gain,
tkl.2.1.23 It is a rare thing for the idle, even when possessed of the riches of Kings who ruled over the whole Earth, to derive any great benefit from it.
tkl.2.1.23 The King who never gives way to idleness will obtain entire possession of (the whole Earth) passed over by him who measured (the worlds) with His foot.
tkl.2.2.07 Of Earth round traversed by the changeless sea.
tkl.2.3.11 The fool will merit Hell in one brief life on Earth,
tkl.2.3.12 The fool will not perform (his duties) even when advised nor ascertain them himself; such a Soul is a burden (to the Earth) till it departs (from the body).
tkl.2.3.12 O er all the Earth receive a Demon s name.
tkl.2.3.12 He who denies the existence of what the World believes in will be regarded as a Demon on Earth.
tkl.2.3.17 They die from Earth who, with their households, ever during seemed.
tkl.2.3.17 If (the) Hill like Devotees() resolve on destruction, those who seemed to be everlasting will be destroyed root and branch from the Earth.
tkl.2.3.21 Even so the soul, despite its griefs, would live on Earth alway.
tkl.2.4.02 Like Hairs from off the head that fall to Earth,
tkl.2.4.04 The mighty Earth its burthen to sustain must cease,
tkl.2.4.05 The (way of the) World subsists by contact with the good; if not, it would bury itself in the Earth and perish.
tkl.2.4.05 Darkness in daytime broods over all the vast and mighty Earth.
tkl.2.4.06 It burthens Earth when on the stage of being they appear.
tkl.2.4.06 A burden to the Earth are men bent on the acquisition of riches and not (true) Fame.
tkl.2.4.07 For men of lofty Soul the Earth s vast realms no charms retain.
tkl.2.4.09 If the land is dried so as to reduce one ounce of Earth to a quarter, it will grow plentifully even without a handful of manure.
tkl.2.4.09 The Earth, that kindly dame, will laugh to see,
tkl.2.4.09 The Maiden, Earth, will laugh at the sight of those who plead Poverty and lead an idle life.
tkl.2.4.11 Because on Earth the men exist, who never say them nay,
tkl.2.4.11 If askers cease, the mighty Earth, where cooling fountains flow,
tkl.2.4.12 Has excellence of greatness that transcends the Earth.
tkl.3.2.18 Than coyness gives, when Hearts as Earth and Water join?
tkl.3.2.18 Is there a celestial land that can please like the feigned dislike of those whose union resembles that of Earth and Water?

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