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tkl.1.2.18 If Wealth be in the possession of a man who has the great excellence (of benevolence), it is like a tree which as a Medicine is an infallible cure for Disease.
tkl.1.2.19 The fiery Disease of hunger shall never touch him who habitually distributes his Food to others.
tkl.2.3.13 The Disease which fosters the Evil of disunion among all creatures is termed hatred by the wise.
tkl.2.3.16 Shade and Water are not pleasant, (if) they cause Disease; so are the qualities of (one s) relations not agreeable, (if) they cause pain.
tkl.2.3.22 As any one prevail, or fail; twill cause Disease.
tkl.2.3.22 If Food( and work are either) excessive or deficient, the Three things enumerated by (medical) writers, Flatulence, Biliousness, and Phlegm, will cause (one) Disease.
tkl.2.3.22 As Pleasure dwells with him who eats moderately, so Disease (dwells) with the glutton who eats voraciously.
tkl.2.3.22 Disease, its cause, what may abate the ill:
tkl.2.3.22 Let the physician enquire into the (nature of the) Disease, its cause and its method of cure and treat it faithfully according to (medical rule).
tkl.2.3.22 The habitudes of patient and Disease, the crises of the ill
tkl.2.3.22 The learned (physician) should ascertain the condition of his patient; the nature of his Disease, and the season (of the year) and (then) proceed (with his treatment).
tkl.2.4.06 He who enjoys not (his riches) nor relieves the wants of the worthy is a Disease to his Wealth.
tkl.3.1.03 Disease and Medicine antagonists we surely see;
tkl.3.1.03 The remedy for a Disease is always something different (from it); but for the Disease caused by this Jewelled Maid, she is herself the cure.
tkl.3.2.03 These painted Eyes have caused me a lasting mortal Disease; and now they can weep no more, the Tears having dried up.
tkl.3.2.03 The Eyes that have given me this Disease have themselves been seized with this (suffering). Oh! I am much delighted.
tkl.3.2.04 He has taken (away) my Beauty and Modesty, and given me instead Disease and sallowness.
tkl.3.2.10 O my soul! why remain (here) and suffer thinking (of him)? There are no lewd thoughts (of you) in him who has caused you this Disease of Sorrow.

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