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tkl.1.2.14 The wise who have conquered their senses and are free from Crime, will not covet (the things of others), with the thought "we are destitute."
tkl.1.3.09 Who dreading Crime of slaughter, study nought to slay.
tkl.2.1.13 Let (a King) avoid choosing men who have no relations; such men have no attachment, and thereforehave no fear of Crime.
tkl.2.1.17 In guarding his subjects (against injury from others), and in preserving them himself; to punish Crime is not a fault in a King, but a duty.
tkl.2.1.19 So as to stay advance of Crime, a King is he.
tkl.2.2.03 Do thou, that men of perfect Soul have Crime decreed.
tkl.2.3.07 You should examine and secure the Friendship of those who can speak so as to make you weep over a Crime (before its commission) or rebuke you severely (after you have done it) and are able to teach you (the ways of) the world.
tkl.2.3.16 If there appears internal hatred in a (king s) family; it will lead to many a fatal Crime.
tkl.2.3.20 The fair maid of Modesty will turn her back on those who are guilty of the great and abominable Crime of Drunkenness.

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