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tkl.1.2.02 The gain of blessed Children is its goodly Ornament.
tkl.1.2.02 The excellence of a Wife is the good of her Husband; and good Children are the Jewels of that goodness.
tkl.1.2.03 Than that which by the birth of learned Children men obtain.
tkl.1.2.03 Among all the benefits that may be acquired, we know no greater benefit than the acquisition of intelligent Children.
tkl.1.2.03 Who Children gain, that none reproach, of virtuous worth,
tkl.1.2.03 The Evils of the Seven births shall not touch those who abtain Children of a good disposition, free from Vice.
tkl.1.2.03 Man s Children are his Fortune, say the wise;
tkl.1.2.03 In which the little hands of Children of their own have play d.
tkl.1.2.03 The Rice in which the little hand of their Children has dabbled will be far sweeter (to the parent) than Ambrosia.
tkl.1.2.03 To patent sweet the touch of Children dear;
tkl.1.2.03 The touch of Children gives Pleasure to the body, and the hearing of their words, Pleasure to the ear.
tkl.1.2.03 "The pipe is sweet, the lute is sweet," say those who have not heard the prattle of their own Children.
tkl.1.2.03 Their Children s Wisdom greater than their own confessed,
tkl.1.2.03 That their Children should possess Knowledge is more pleasing to all men of this great Earth than to themselves.

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