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tkl.2.4.11 There is even a Beauty in standing before and begging of those who are liberal in their gifts and understand their duty (to Beggars).
tkl.2.4.11 Beggars rejoice exceedingly when they behold those who bestow (their alms) with Kindness and courtesy.
tkl.2.4.11 If there were no Beggars, (the actions done in) the cool wide World would only resemble the movement of a puppet.
tkl.2.4.11 What (praise) would there be to givers (of alms) if there were no Beggars to ask for and reveive (them).
tkl.2.4.12 One thing I beg of Beggars all, If beg ye may,
tkl.2.4.12 I beseech all Beggars and say, "If you need to beg, never beg of those who give unwillingly."

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