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tkl.2.1.03 Like puppet, decked with Ornaments of clay, their Beauty s vain pretence.
tkl.2.1.03 The Beauty and goodness of one who is destitute of Knowledge by the study of great and exquisite works, is like (the Beauty and goodness) of a painted Earthen Doll.
tkl.2.4.06 The Wealth of him who never bestows anything on the destitute is like a Woman of Beauty growing old without a Husband.
tkl.2.4.11 There is even a Beauty in standing before and begging of those who are liberal in their gifts and understand their duty (to Beggars).
tkl.3.1.01 3.1.1 Mental Disturbance caused by the Beauty of the Princess
tkl.3.1.01 This Female Beauty returning my looks is like a celestial Maiden coming with an Army to contend against me.
tkl.3.1.01 What added Beauty can be lent; By Alien Ornament?
tkl.3.1.04 3.1.4. The Praise of her Beauty
tkl.3.2.04 He has taken (away) my Beauty and Modesty, and given me instead Disease and sallowness.
tkl.3.2.09 In the absence of your consort, your shoulders having lost their former Beauty and fulness, your Bracelets of pure Gold have become loose.
tkl.3.2.09 These wasted arms, the Bracelet with their wonted Beauty gone,
tkl.3.2.09 The (loosened) Bracelets, and the shoulders from which the old Beauty has faded, relate the cruelty of the pitiless one.
tkl.3.2.10 If I retain in my Heart him who has left me without beFriending me, I shall lose even the (inward) Beauty that remains.
tkl.3.2.12 Henceforth these Bracelets from my arms will slip, my Beauty worn away.
tkl.3.2.12 O you bright Jewelled maid, if I forget (him) today, my shoulders will lose their Beauty even in the other life and make my Bracelets loose.
tkl.3.2.13 The simple one whose Beauty fills mine eye, whose shoulders curve
tkl.3.2.13 Unusually great is the Female simplicity of your maid whose Beauty fills my Eyes and whose shoulders resemble the Bamboo.
tkl.3.2.13 So in her Beauty gleams some thought cannot find a Tongue.
tkl.3.2.13 There is something that is implied in the Beauty of this Woman, like the thread that is visible in a garland of gems.
tkl.3.2.17 Even when I look on her contemplating (her Beauty), she is displeased and says, "With whose thought have you (thus) looked on my person?"

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