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tkl.2.1.12 Though skill in War combine with courage tried on Battle field,
tkl.2.1.24 Like Battle axe in sexless being s hand availeth nought.
tkl.2.3.04 Though, like the sea, the angry mice send forth their Battle cry;
tkl.2.3.05 Fearless they rush where er the tide of Battle rolls
tkl.2.3.09 Solitude is more to be Desired than the society of those who resemble the untrained Horses which throw down (their riders) in the fields of Battle.
tkl.2.4.08 Like Heroes in the Battle field, the burden (of protection etc.) is borne by those who are the most efficient in a family.
tkl.3.2.08 As when an Alien host to field of Battle wends.

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