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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




3.2 The Post marital Love


3.2.16. Pouting

Be still reserved, decline his profferred Love;
A little while his sore distress we ll prove.
Let us witness awhile his keen suffering; just feign dislike and embrace him not.

A cool reserve is like the salt that seasons well the mess,
Too long maintained, tis like the salt s excess.
A little dislike is like salt in proportion; to prolong it a little is like salt a little too much.

Tis heaping griefs on those whose Hearts are grieved;
To leave the grieving one without a fond embrace.
For men not to embrace those who have feigned dislike is like torturing those already in agony.

To use no kind conciliating art when Lover grieves,
Is cutting out the root of tender winding plant that droops.
Not to reconcile those who have feigned dislike is like cutting a faded creeper at its root.

Even to men of good and worthy mind, the petulance
Of wives with Flowery Eyes lacks not a Lovely grace.
An increased shyness in those whose Eyes are like Flowers is beautiful even to good and virtuous Husbands.

Love without hatred is ripened Fruit;
Without some lesser strife, Fruit immature.
Sexual Pleasure, without prolonged and short lived dislike, is like too ripe, and unripe Fruit.

A Lovers quarrel brings its pain, when mind afraid
Asks doubtful, Will reunion sweet be long delayed?
The doubt as to whether Intercourse would take place soon or not, creates a Sorrow (even) in feigned dislike.

What good can grieving do, when none who Love
Are there to know the grief thy Soul endures?
What avails Sorrow when I am without a Wife who can understand the cause of my Sorrow?

Water is pleasant in the cooling shade;
So coolness for a time with those we Love.
Like Water in the shade, dislike is delicious only in those who Love.

Of her who leaves me thus in variance languishing,
To think within my Heart with Love is fond Desire.
It is nothing but strong Desire that makes her mind unite with me who can leave her to her own dislike.

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