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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




3.2 The Post marital Love


3.2.8. Lamentations at Eventide

Thou art not evening, but a spear that doth devour
The Souls of brides; farewell, thou evening hour!
Live, O you evening are you (the former) evening? No, you are the season that slays (married) Women.

Thine eye is sad; Hail, doubtful hour of eventide!
Of cruel eye, as is my spouse, is too thy bride?
A long life to you, O dark evening! You are sightless. Is your help mate (also) as hard Hearted as mine.

With buds of chilly dew wan evening s shade enclose;
My anguish buds space and all my Sorrow grows.
The evening that (once) came in with trembling and dimness (now) brings me an Aversion for life and increasing Sorrow.

When absent is my Love, the evening hour descends,
As when an Alien host to field of Battle wends.
In the absence of my Lover, evening comes in like slayers on the field of slaughter.

O morn, how have I won thy grace? thou bring st relief
O eve, why art thou Foe! thou dost renew my grief.
What good have I done to morning (and) what Evil to evening?

The pangs that evening brings I never knew,
Till he, my wedded spouse, from me withdrew.
Previous to my Husband s departure, I know not the painful nature of evening.

My grief at morn a bud, all day an opening Flower,
Full blown expands in evening hour.
This malady buds forth in the morning, expands all day long and blossoms in the evening.

The shepherd s pipe is like a murderous Weapon, to my ear,
For it proclaims the hour of ev ning s fiery anguish near.
The shepherd s flute now sounds as a fiery forerunner of night, and is become a Weapon that slays (me).

If evening s shades, that darken all my soul, extend;
From this afflicted Town will would of grief ascend.
When night comes on confusing (everyone s) mind, the (whole) Town will lose its sense and be plunged in Sorrow.

This darkening eve, my darkling Soul must perish utterly;
Remembering him who seeks for Wealth, but seeks not me.
My (hitherto) unextinguished life is now lost in this bewildering night at the thought of him who
has the nature of Wealth.

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