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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




3.2 The Post marital Love


3.2.7. The Visions of the Night

It came and brought to me, that nightly vision rare,
A message from my Love, what feast shall I prepare?
Where with shall I feast the dream which has brought me my dear one s messenger

If my dark, carp like eye will close in sleep, as I implore,
The tale of my long suffering life I ll tell my Loved one o er.
If my Fish like painted Eyes should, at my begging, close in sleep, I could fully relate my sufferings to my lord.

Him, who in waking hour no Kindness shows,
In dreams I see; and so my lifetime goes!
My life lasts because in my dream I behold him who does not favour me in my waking hours.

Some Pleasure I enjoy when him who Loves not me
In waking hours, the vision searches out and makes me see.
There is Pleasure in my dream, because in it I seek and obtain him who does not visit me in my wakefulness.

As what I then beheld in waking hour was sweet,
So pleasant dreams in hour of sleep my spirit greet.
I saw him in my waking hours, and then it was pleasant; I see him just now in my dream, and it is (equally) pleasant.

And if there were no waking hour, my Love
In dreams would never from my side remove.
Were there no such thing as wakefulness, my beloved (who visited me) in my dream would not depart from me.

The cruel one, in waking hour, who all ungracious seems,
Why should he thus torment my Soul in nightly dreams?
The cruel one who would not favour me in my wakefulness, what right has he to torture me in my dreams?

And when I sleep he holds my form embraced;
And when I wake to fill my Heart makes haste!
When I am asleep he rests on my shoulders, (but) when I awake he hastens into my soul.

In dreams who ne er their Lover s form perceive,
For those in waking hours who show no Love will grieve.
They who have no dear ones to behold in their dreams blame him who visits me not in my waking hours.

They say, that he in waking hours has left me lone;
In dreams they surely see him not, these people of the Town;
The Women of this place say he has forsaken me in my wakefulness. I think they have not seen him visit me in my dreams.

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