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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




3.2 The Post marital Love


3.2.5. The Solitary Anguish

The bliss to be beloved by those they Love who gains,
Of Love the stoneless, luscious Fruit obtains.
The Women who are beloved by those whom they Love, have they have not got the stone less Fruit of sexual delight

As Heaven on living men showers blessings from above,
Is tender grace by Lovers shown to those they Love.
The bestowal of Love by the beloved on those who Love them is like the rain raining (at the proper season) on those who live by it.

Who Love and are beloved to them alone
Belongs the boast, We ve made life s very joys our own.
The pride that says "we shall live" suits only those who are Loved by their beloved Husbands().

Those well beloved will luckless prove,
Unless beloved by those they Love.
Even those who are esteemed (by other Women) are devoid of excellence, if they are not Loved by their beloved.

From him I Love to me what gain can be,
Unless, as I Love him, he Loveth me?
He who is beloved by me, what will he do to me, if I am not beloved by him

Love on one side is bad; like balanced load
By porter borne, Love on both sides is good.
Lust, like the weight of the KAVADI, pains if it lies in one end only but pleases if it is in both.

While Kaman rushes straight at me alone,
Is all my pain and wasting grief unknown?
Would not cupid who abides and contends in one party (only) witness the pain and Sorrow (in that party)?

Who hear from Lover s Lips no pleasant word from day to day,
Yet in the World live out their life, no braver Souls than they!
There is no one in the World so hard Hearted as those who can live without receiving (even) a kind word from their beloved.

Though he my Heart Desires no grace accords to me,
Yet every accent of his voice is melody.
Though my beloved bestows no Love on one, still are his words sweet to my Earse.

Tell him thy pain that Loves not thee?
Farewell, my soul, fill up the sea!
Live, O my soul, would you who relate your great Sorrow to Strangers, try rather to fill up your own Sea (of Sorrow).

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