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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




3.1 The Pre marital Love


3.1.7. The Announcement of the Rumour

By this same rumour s rise, my precious life stands fast;
Good Fortune grant the many know this not!
My precious life is saved by the raise of rumour, and this, to my good luck no others are aware of.

The Village hath to us this rumour giv n, that makes her mine;
Unweeting all the rareness of the maid with Flower like eyne.
Not knowing the value of her whose Eyes are like Flowers this Town has got up a rumour about me.

The rumour spread within the Town, is it not gain to me?
It is as though that were obtained that may not be.
Will I not get a rumour that is known to the (whole) Town For what I have not got is as if I had got it (already).

The rumour rising makes my Love to rise;
My Love would lose its power and languish otherwise.
Rumour increases the violence of my passion; without it it would grow weak and waste away.

The more man drinks, the more he ever drunk would be;
The more my Love s revealed, the sweeter tis to me!
As drinking Liquor is delightful (to one) whenever one is in mirth, so is Lust delightful to me whenever it is the subject of rumour.

I saw him but one single day: rumour spreads soon
As Darkness, when the dragon seizes on the Moon.
It was but a single day that I looked on (my Lover); but the rumour thereof has spread like the seizure of the Moon by the serpent.

My anguish grows apace: the Town s report
Manures it; my Mother s word doth Water it.
This malady (of Lust) is manured by the talk of Women and Watered by the (harsh) words of my mother.

With butter oil extinguish fire! Twill prove
Harder by scandal to extinguish Love.
To say that one could extinguish passion by rumour is like extinguishing fire with ghee.

When he who said Fear not! hath left me blamed,
While many shrink, can I from rumour hide ashamed?
When the departure of him who said "fear not" has put me to shame before others, why need I be ashamed of scandal.

If we Desire, who Loves will grant what we require;
This Town sends forth the rumour we Desire!
The rumour I Desire is raised by the Town (itself); and my Lover would if Desired consent (to my following him).

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