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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




3.1 The Pre marital Love


3.1.5. Declaration of Love s special Excellence

The dew on her White teeth, whose voice is soft and low,
Is as when milk and honey mingled flow.
The Water which oozes from the White teeth of this soft speeched Damsel is like a mixture of milk and honey.

Between this maid and me the Friendship kind
Is as the bonds that Soul and body bind.
The Love between me and this Damsel is like the union of body and soul.

For her with beauteous brow, the maid I Love, there place is none;
To give her image room, O pupil of mine eye, begone!
O you image in the pupil (of my eye)! depart; there is no room for (my) fair browed beloved.

Life is she to my very Soul when she draws nigh;
Dissevered from the maid with Jewels rare, I die!
My fair Jewelled one resembles the living Soul (when she is in union with me), the dying Soul when she leaves me.

I might recall, if I could once forget; but from my Heart
Her charms fade not, whose Eyes gleam like the Warrior s dart.
If I had forgotten her who has bright battling Eyes, I would have remembered (thee); but I never forget her. (Thus says he to her maid).

My Loved one s subtle form departs not from my Eyes;
I wink them not, lest I should pain him where he lies.
My Lover would not depart from mine Eyes; even if I wink, he would not suffer (from pain); he is so ethereal.

My Love doth ever in my Eyes reside;
I stain them not, fearing his form to hide.
As my Lover abides in my Eyes, I will not even paint them, for he would (then) have to conceal himself.

Within my Heart my Lover dwells; from Food I turn
That smacks of heat, lest he should feel it burn.
As my Lover is in my Heart, I am afraid of eating (anything) hot, for I know it would pain him.

I fear his form to hide, nor close my Eyes:
Her Love estranged is gone! the Village cries.
I will not wink, knowing that if I did, my Lover would hide himself; and for this reason, this Town says, he is unloving.

Rejoicing in my very Soul he ever lies;
Her Love estranged is gone far off! the Village cries.
My Lover dwells in my Heart with perpetual delight; but the Town says he is unloving and (therefore) dwells afar.

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