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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




3.1 The Pre marital Love


3.1.3. Rejoicing in the Embrace

All joys that senses Five Sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch can give,
In this resplendent Armlets bearing damsel live!
The (simultaneous) enjoyment of the Five senses of Sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch can only be found with bright Braceleted Women().

Disease and Medicine antagonists we surely see;
This maid, to pain she gives, herself is remedy.
The remedy for a Disease is always something different (from it); but for the Disease caused by this Jewelled Maid, she is herself the cure.

Than rest in her soft arms to whom the Soul is giv n,
Is any sweeter joy in his, the Lotus eyed one s Heaven?
Can the Lotus eyed Vishnu s Heaven be indeed as sweet to those who delight to sleep in the delicate arms of their beloved

Withdraw, it burns; approach, it soothes the pain;
Whence did the maid this wondrous fire obtain?
From whence has she got this fire that burns when I withdraw and cools when I approach

In her embrace, whose locks with Flowery wreaths are bound,
Each varied form of joy the Soul can wish is found.
The shoulders of her whose locks are adorned with Flowers delight me as if they were the very sweets I have Desired (to get).

Ambrosia are the simple Maiden s arms; when I attain
Their touch, my withered life puts forth its buds again!
The shoulders of this fair one are made of Ambrosia, for they revive me with Pleasure every time I embrace them.

As when one eats from household store, with kindly grace
Sharing his meal: such is this Golden maid s embrace.
The embraces of a Gold complexioned beautiful Female are as pleasant as to dwell in one s own house and live by one s own (earnings) after distributing (a portion of it in charity).

Sweet is the strict embrace of those whom fond affection binds,
Where no dissevering breath of discord entrance finds.
To ardent Lovers sweet is the embrace that cannot be penetrated even by a breath of breeze.

The jealous variance, the healing of the strife, reunion gained:
These are the Fruits from wedded Love obtained.
Love quarrel, reconciliation and Intercourse these are the advantages reaped by those who marry for Lust.

The more men learn, the more their lack of learning they detect;
Tis so when I approach the maid with gleaming Jewels decked.
As (one s) ignorance is discovered the more one learns, so does repeated Intercourse with a well adorned Female (only create a Desire for more).

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