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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




3.1 The Pre marital Love

3.1.2. Recognition of the Signs (of Mutual Love)

A double witchery have gLances of her liquid eye;
One glance is glance that brings me pain; the other heals again.
There are Two looks in the dyed Eyes of this (fair one); one causes pain, and the other is the cure thereof.

The furtive glance, that gleams one instant bright,
Is more than half of Love s supreme delight.
A single stolen glance of her Eyes is more than half the Pleasure (of sexual embrace).

She looked, and looking drooped her head:
On springing shoot of Love its Water shed!
She has looked (at men) and stooped (her head); and that (sign) Waters as it were (the Corn of) our Love.

I look on her: her Eyes are on the ground the while:
I look away: she looks on me with timid smile.
When I look, she looks down; when I do not, she looks and smiles gently.

She seemed to see me not; but yet the maid
Her Love, by smiling side long glance, betrayed.
She not only avoids a direct look at me, but looks as it were with a half closed eye and smiles.

Though with their Lips affection they disown,
Yet, when they hate us not, tis quickly known.
Though they may speak harshly as if they were Strangers, the words of the Friendly are soon understood.

The slighting words that Anger feign, while Eyes their Love reveal.
Are signs of those that Love, but would their Love conceal.
Little words that are harsh and looks that are hateful are (but) the expressions of Lovers who wish to act like Strangers.

I gaze, the tender maid relents the while;
And, oh the matchless grace of that soft smile!
When I look, the pitying maid looks in return and smiles gently; and that is a comforting sign for me.

The look indifferent, that would its Love disguise,
Is only read aright by Lovers Eyes.
Both the Lovers are capable of looking at each other in an ordinary way, as if they were perfect Strangers.

When eye to answering eye reveals the tale of Love,
All words that Lips can say must useless prove.
The words of the mouths are of no use whatever, when there is perfect agreement between the Eyes (of Lovers).

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