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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.4 Miscellaneous


2.4.13. Baseness

The base resemble men in outward form, I ween;
But counterpart exact to them I ve never seen.
The base resemble men perfectly (as regards form); and we have not seen such (exact) resemblance (among any other species).

Than those of grateful Heart the base must luckier be,
Their minds from every anxious thought are free!
The low enjoy more felicity than those who know what is good; for the former are not troubled with anxiety (as to the good).

The base are as the Gods; they too
Do ever what they list to do!
The base resemble the Gods; for the base act as they like.

When base men those behold of conduct vile,
They straight surpass them, and exulting smile.
The base feels proud when he sees persons whose acts meaner than his own.

Fear is the base man s Virtue; if that fail,
Intense Desire some little may avail.
(The principle of) behaviour in the mean is chiefly fear; if not, hope of gain, to some extent.

The base are like the beaten drum; for, when they hear
The sound the secret out in every Neighbour s ear.
The base are like a drum that is beaten, for they unburden to others the secrets they have heard.

From off their moistened hands no clinging grain they shake,
Unless to those with clenched fist their jaws who break.
The mean will not (even) shake off (what sticks to) their hands (soon after a meal) to any but those who would break their jaws with their clenched fists.

The good to those will Profit yield fair words who use;
The base, like Sugar cane, will Profit those who bruise.
The great bestow (their alms) as soon as they are informed; (but) the mean, like the Sugar cane, only when they are tortured to death.

If Neighbours clothed and fed he see, the base
Is mighty man some hidden fault to trace?
The base will bring an Evil (accusation) against others, as soon as he sees them (enjoying) good Food and clothing.

For what is base man fit, if griefs assail?
Himself to offer, there and then, for sale!
The base will hasten to sell themselves as soon as a calamity has befallen them. For what else are they fitted

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