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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.4 Miscellaneous


2.4.8. The Way of Maintaining the Family

Who says I ll do my work, nor slack my hand
His greatness, clothed with dignity supreme, shall stand.
There is no higher greatness than that of one saying. I will not cease in my effort (to raise my family).

The manly act and Knowledge full, when these combine
In deed prolonged, then lengthens out the race s line.
One s family is raised by untiring perseverance in both effort and wise contrivances.

I ll make my race renowned, if man shall say,
With vest succinct the Goddess leads the way.
The Deity will clothe itself and appear before him who resolves on raising his family.

Who labours for his race with unremitting pain,
Without a thought spontaneously, his end will gain.
Those who are prompt in their efforts (to better their family) need no deliberation, such efforts will of themselves succeed.

With blameless life who seeks to build his race s Fame,
The World shall circle him, and kindred claim.
People will eagerly seek the Friendship of the prosperous Soul who has raised his family without foul means.

Of virtuous manliness the World accords the praise
To him who gives his powers, the house from which he sprang to raise.
A man s true manliness consists in making himself the head and benefactor of his family.

The fearless Hero bears the brunt amid the Warrior throng;
Amid his kindred so the burthen rests upon the strong.
Like Heroes in the Battle field, the burden (of protection etc.) is borne by those who are the most efficient in a family.

Wait for no season, when you would your house uprear;
Twill perish, if you wait supine, or hold your honour dear.
As a family suffers by (one s) indolence and false dignity there is to be so season (good or bad) to those who strive to raise their family.

Is not his body vase that various Sorrows fill,
Who would his household screen from every ill?
Is it only to suffering that his body is exposed who undertakes to preserve his family from Evil

When trouble the foundation saps the house must fall,
If no strong hand be nigh to prop the tottering wall.
If there are none to prop up and maintain a family (in distress), it will fall at the stroke of the axe of misfortune.

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