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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.4 Miscellaneous


2.4.7. Shame

To shrink abashed from Evil deed is generous shame
Other is that of bright browed one of virtuous Fame.
True Modesty is the fear of (evil) deeds; all other Modesty is (simply) the bashfulness of virtuous maids.

Food, clothing, and other things alike all beings own;
By sense of shame the excellence of men is known.
Food, clothing and the like are common to all men but Modesty is peculiar to the good.

All spirits homes of Flesh as habitation claim,
And perfect Virtue ever dwells with shame.
As the body is the abode of the spirit, so the excellence of Modesty is the abode of perfection.

And is not shame an Ornament to men of dignity?
Without it step of stately pride is piteous thing to see.
Is not the Modesty Ornament of the noble Without it, their haughtiness would be a pain (to others).

As home of virtuous shame by all the World the men are known,
Who feel ashamed for others, guilt as for their own.
The World regards as the abode of Modesty him who fear his own and other s guilt.

Unless the hedge of shame inviolate remain,
For men of lofty Soul the Earth s vast realms no charms retain.
The great make Modesty their barrier (of defence) and not the wide world.

The men of modest Soul for shame would life an offering make,
But ne er abandon virtuous shame for life s dear sake.
The modest would rather lose their life for the sake of Modesty than lose Modesty for the sake of life.

Though know st no shame, while all around asha med must be:
Virtue will shrink away ashamed of thee!
Virtue is likely to forsake him who shamelessly does what others are ashamed of.

Twill race consume if right observance fail;
Twill every good consume if Shamelessness prevail.
Want of manners injures one s family; but want of Modesty injures one s character.

Tis as with strings a wooden puppet apes life s functions, when
Those void of shame within hold Intercourse with men.
The actions of those who are without Modesty at Heart are like those of puppet moved by a string.

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