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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.4 Miscellaneous


2.4.5. Courtesy

Who easy access give to every man, they say,
Of kindly courtesy will learn with ease the way.
If one is easy of access to all, it will be easy for one to obtain the Virtue called Goodness.

Benevolence and high born dignity,
These Two are beaten paths of courtesy.
Affectionateness and birth in a good family, these Two constitute what is called a proper behaviour to all.

Men are not one because their members seem alike to outward view;
Similitude of kindred quality makes likeness true.
Resemblance of bodies is no resemblance of souls; true resemblance is the resemblance of qualities that attract.

Of men of Fruitful life, who kindly benefits dispense,
The World unites to praise the noble excellence.
The World applauds the character of those whose usefulness results from their equity and charity.

Contempt is Evil though in sport. They who man s nature know,
Even in their wrath, a courteous mind will show.
Reproach is painful to one even in sport; those (therefore) who know the nature of others exhibit (pleasing) qualities even when they are hated.

The World abides; for worthy men its weight sustain.
Were it not so, It would fall to dust again.
The (way of the) World subsists by contact with the good; if not, it would bury itself in the Earth and perish.

Though sharp their wit as file, as blocks they must remain,
Whose Souls are void of courtesy humane
He who is destitute of (true) human qualities (only) resembles a tree, though he may possess the sharpness of a file.

Though men with all unFriendly acts and wrongs assail,
Tis uttermost disgrace in courtesy to fail.
It is wrong (for the wise) not to exhibit (good) qualities even towards those who bearing no Friendship (for them) do only what is hateful.

To him who knows not how to smile in kindly mirth,
Darkness in daytime broods over all the vast and mighty Earth.
To those who cannot rejoice, the wide World is buried Darkness even in (broad) day light.

Like sweet milk soured because in filthy Vessel poured,
Is ample Wealth in churlish man s unopened coffers stored.
The great Wealth obtained by one who has no Goodness will perish like pure milk spoilt by the impurity of the Vessel.

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