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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.4 Miscellaneous


2.4.1. Nobility

Save in the scions of a noble house, you never find
Instinctive sense of right and virtuous shame combined.
Consistency (of thought, word and deed) and fear (of sin) are conjointly natural only to the high born.

In these Three things the men of noble birth fail not:
In virtuous deed and truthful word, and chastened thought.
The high born will never deviate from these Three; good Manners, Truthfulness and Modesty.

The smile, the gift, the pleasant word, unfailing courtesy
These are the signs, they say, of true nobility.
A cheerful countenance, Liberality, pleasant words, and an unreviling disposition, these Four are said to be the proper qualities of the truly high born.

Millions on Millions piled would never win
The men of noble race to Soul degrading sin.
Though blessed with immense Wealth, the noble will never do anything unbecoming.

Though stores for charity should fail within, the ancient race
Will never lose its old ancestral grace.
Though their means fall off, those born in ancient families, will not lose their character (for liberality).

Whose minds are set to live as fits their sire s unspotted Fame,
Stooping to low Deceit, commit no deeds that gender shame.
Those who seek to preserve the irreproachable honour of their families will not viciously do what is detrimental thereto.

The faults of men of noble race are seen by every eye,
As spots on her bright orb that walks sublime the evening sky.
The defects of the noble will be observed as clearly as the dark spots in the Moon.

If lack of Love appear in those who bear some goodly name,
Twill make men doubt the ancestry they claim.
If one of a good family betrays want of affection, his descent from it will be called in question.

Of soil the plants that spring thereout will show the worth:
The words they speak declare the men of noble birth.
As the sprout indicates the nature of the soil, (so) the Speech of the noble indicates (that of one s birth).

Who seek for good the grace of virtuous shame must know;
Who seek for noble name to all must reverence show.
He who Desires a good name must Desire Modesty; and he who Desires (the continuance of) a family greatness must be submissive to all.

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