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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.3 The Essentials of a State


2.3.19. Wanton Women

Those that choice Armlets wear who seek not thee with Love,
But seek thy Wealth, their pleasant words will ruin prove.
The sweet words of elegant Braceleted (Prostitutes) who Desire (a man) not from affection but from avarice, will cause Sorrow.

Who weigh the gain, and utter virtuous words with vicious Heart,
Weighing such Women s worth, from their society depart.
One must ascertain the character of the ill natured Women who after ascertaining the Wealth (of a man) speak (as if they were) good natured ones, and avoid Intercourse (with them).

As one in darkened room, some stranger corpse inarms,
Is he who seeks delight in mercenary Women s charms!
The false embraces of Wealth loving Women are like (hired men) embracing a strange corpse in a dark room.

Their worthless charms, whose only weal is Wealth of gain,
From touch of these the wise, who seek the Wealth of grace, abstain.
The wise who seek the Wealth of grace will not Desire the base favours of those who regard Wealth (and not Pleasure) as (their) riches.

From contact with their worthless charms, whose charms to all are free,
The men with sense of good and lofty Wisdom blest will flee;
Those whose Knowledge is made excellent by their (natural) sense will not covet the trffling delights of those whose favours are common (to all).

From touch of those who worthless charms, with wanton arts, display,
The men who would their own true good maintain will turn away.
Those who would spread (the Fame of) their own Goodness will not Desire the shoulders of those,who rejoice in their accomplishments and bestow their despicable favours (on all who pay).

Who cherish Alien thoughts while folding in their feigned embrace,
These none approach save those devoid of Virtue s grace.
Those who are destitute of a perfectly (reformed) mind will covet the shoulders of those who embrace (them) while their Hearts covet other things.

As Demoness who lures to ruin Woman s treacHerous Love
To men devoid of Wisdom s searching power will prove.
The wise say that to such as are destitute of discerning sense the embraces of faithless Women are (as ruinous as those of) the celestail Female.

The wanton s tender arm, with gleaming Jewels decked,
Is Hell, where sink degraded Souls of men abject.
The delicate shoulders of Prostitutes with excellent Jewels are a Hell into which are plunged the ignorant base.

Women of double minds, strong drink, and Dice; to these giv n o er,
Are those on whom the light of Fortune shines no more.
TreacHerous Women, Liquor, and Gambling are the associates of such as have forsaken by Fortune.

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