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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.3 The Essentials of a State


2.3.16. Enmity within

Water and shade, if they unwholesome prove, will bring you pain.
And qualities of Friends who treacHerous act, will be your bane.
Shade and Water are not pleasant, (if) they cause Disease; so are the qualities of (one s) relations not agreeable, (if) they cause pain.

Dread not the Foes that as drawn Swords appear;
Friendship of Foes, who seem like Kinsmen, fear!
Fear not Foes (who say they would cut) like a Sword; (but) fear the Friendship of Foes (who seemingly act) like relations.

Of hidden hate beware, and guard thy life;
In troublous time twill deeper wound than potter s knife.
Fear internal enmity and guard yourself; (if not) it will destroy (you) in an Evil hour, as surely as the tool which cuts the potter s clay.

If secret enmities arise that minds pervert,
Then even kin unkind will work thee grievous hurt.
The secret enmity of a person whose mind in unreformed will lead to many Evils causing disaffection among (one s) relations.

Amid one s relatives if hidden hath arise,
Twill hurt inflict in deadly wise.
If there appears internal hatred in a (king s) family; it will lead to many a fatal Crime.

If discord finds a place midst those who dwelt at one before,
Tis ever hard to keep destruction from the door.
If hatred arises among (one s) own people, it will be hardly possible (for one) to escape death.

As casket with its cover, though in one they live alway,
No union to the house where hate concealed hath sway.
Never indeed will a family subject to internal hatred unite (really) though it may present an apparent union like that of a casket and its lid.

As Gold with which the file contends is worn away,
So strength of house declines where hate concealed hath sway.
A family subject to internal hatred will wear out and lose its strength like Iron that has been filed away.

Though slight as shred of seasame seed it be,
Destruction lurks in hidden enmity.
Although internal hatred be as small as the fragment of the sesamum (seed), still does destruction dwell in it.

Domestic life with those who don t agree,
Is dwelling in a shed with snake for company.
Living with those who do not agree (with one) is like dwelling with a cobra (in the same) hut.

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