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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.3 The Essentials of a State


2.3.14. The Might of Hatred

With stronger than thyself, turn from the strife away;
With weaker shun not, rather court the fray.
Avoid offering resistance to the strong; (but) never fail to cherish enmity towards the weak.

No kinsman s Love, no strength of Friends has he;
How can he bear his Foeman s enmity?
How can he who is unloving, destitute of powerful aids, and himself without strength overcome the might of his Foe

A craven thing! knows nought, accords with none, gives nought away;
To wrath of any Foe he falls an easy prey.
In the estimation of Foes miserably weak is he, who is timid, ignorant, unsociable and niggardly.

His wrath still blazes, every secret told; each day
This man s in every place to every Foe an easy prey.
He who neither refrains from Anger nor keeps his secrets will at all times and in all places be easily conquered by all.

No way of right he scans, no precepts bind, no Crimes affright,
No grace of good he owns; such man s his Foes delight.
(A) pleasing (object) to his Foes is he who reads not moral works, does nothing that is enjoined by them cares not for reproach and is not possessed of good qualities.

Blind in his rage, his lustful passions rage and swell;
If such a man mislikes you, like it well.
Highly to be Desired is the hatred of him whose Anger is blind, and whose Lust increases beyond measure.

Unseemly are his deeds, yet proffering aid, the man draws nigh:
His hate tis cheap at any price be sure to buy!
It is indeed necessary to obtain even by purchase the hatred of him who having begun (a work) does what is not conductive (to its accomplishment).

No gracious gifts he owns, faults many cloud his Fame;
His Foes rejoice, for none with kindred claim.
He will become Friendless who is without (any good) qualities. and whose faults are many; (such a character) is a help to (his) Foes.

The joy of Victory is never far removed from those
Who ve luck to meet with ignorant and timid Foes.
There will be no end of lofty delights to the victorious, if their Foes are (both) ignorant and timid.

The task of angry War with men unlearned in Virtue s lore
Who will not meet, glory shall meet him never more.
The light (of Fame) will never be gained by him who gains not the trifling reputation of having fought an unlearned Foe().

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