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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.3 The Essentials of a State


2.3.11. Folly

What one thing merits folly s special name.
Letting gain go, loss for one s own to claim!
Folly is one (of the chief defects); it is that which (makes one) incur loss and forego gain.

Mid follies chiefest folly is to fix your Love
On deeds which to your station unbefitting prove.
The greatest folly is that which leads one to take delight in doing what is forbidden.

Ashamed of nothing, searching nothing out, of Loveless Heart,
Nought cherishing, tis thus the fool will play his part.
Shamelessness indifference (to what must be sought after), harshness, and Aversion for everything (that ought to be Desired) are the qualities of the fool.

The sacred law he reads and learns, to other men expounds,
Himself obeys not; where can greater fool be found?
There are no greater fools than he who, though he has read and understood (a great deal) and even taught it to others, does not walk according to his own teaching.

The fool will merit Hell in one brief life on Earth,
In which he entering sinks through Sevenfold round of birth.
A fool can procure in a single birth a Hell into which he may enter and suffer through all the Seven births.

When fool some task attempts with uninstructed pains,
It fails; nor that alone, himself he binds with chains.
If the fool, who knows not how to act undertakes a work, he will (certainly) fail. (But) is it all He will even adorn himself with fetters.

When fools are blessed with fortune s bounteous store,
Their Foes feed full, their Friends are prey to hunger sore.
If a fool happens to get an immense Fortune, his Neighbours will enjoy it while his relations starve.

When folly s hand grasps Wealth s increase, twill be
As when a mad man raves in drunken glee.
A fool happening to possess something is like the intoxication of one who is (already) giddy.

Friendship of fools is very pleasant thing,
Parting with them will leave behind no sting.
The Friendship between fools is exceedingly delightful (to each other): for at parting there will be nothing to cause them pain.

Like him who seeks his couch with unwashed feet,
Is fool whose foot intrudes where wise men meet.
The appearance of a fool in an assembly of the learned is like placing (one s) unwashed feet on a bed.

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