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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.2 Ministers of State


2.2.8. The Knowledge of the Council Chamber

Men pure in Heart, who know of words the varied force,
Should to their audience known adapt their well arranged discourse.
Let the pure who know the arrangement of words speak with deliberation after ascertaining (the nature of) the court (then assembled).

Good men to whom the arts of eloquence are known,
Should seek occasion meet, and say what well they ve made their own.
Let the good who know the uses of words speak with a clear Knowledge after ascertaining the time (suited to the court).

Unversed in councils, who essays to speak.
Knows not the way of suasive words, and all is weak.
Those who undertake to speak without knowing the (nature of the) court are ignorant of the quality of words as well as devoid of the power (of learning).

Before the bright ones shine as doth the light!
Before the dull ones be as purest stucco White!
Ministers should be lights in the assembly of the enlightned, but assume the pure Whiteness of mortar (ignorance) in that of fools.

Midst all good things the best is modest grace,
That speaks not first before the elders face.
The Modesty by which one does not rush forward and speak in (an assembly of) superiors is the best among all (one s) good qualities.

As in the way one tottering falls, is slip before
The men whose minds are filled with varied lore.
(For a Minister) to blunder in the presence of those who have acquired a vast store of learning and know (the value thereof) is like a good man stumbling (and falling away) from the path (of Virtue).

The learning of the learned Sage shines bright
To those whose faultless skill can value it aright.
The learning of those who have read and understood (much) will shine in the assembly of those who faultlessly examine (the nature of) words.

To speak where understanding hearers you obtain,
Is sprinkling Water on the fields of growing grain!
Lecturing to those who have the ability to understand (for themselves) is like Watering a bed of plants that are growing (of themselves).

In councils of the good, who speak good things with penetrating power,
In councils of the mean, let them say nought, even in oblivious hour.
Those who are able to speak good things impressively in an assembly of the good should not even forgetfully speak them in that of the low

Ambrosia in the sewer spilt, is word
Spoken in presence of the Alien herd.
To utter (a good word) in the assembly of those who are of inferior rank is like dropping nectar on the ground.

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