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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.2 Ministers of State


2.2.4. Power in Action

What men call power in action know for power of mind
Externe to man all other aids you find.
Firmness in action is (simply) one s firmness of mind; all other (abilities) are not of this nature.

Each hindrance shun unyielding onward press, If obstacle be there,
These Two define your way, so those that search out truth declare.
Not to perform a ruinous act, and not to be discouraged by the ruinous termination of an act, are the Two maxims which, the wise say, from the principles of those who have investigated the subject.

Man s fitting work is known but by success achieved;
In midst the plan revealed brings ruin ne er to be retrieved.
So to perform an act as to publish it (only) at its termination is (true) manliness; for to announce it beforehand, will cause irremediable Sorrow.

Easy to every man the Speech that shows the way;
Hard thing to shape one s life by words they say!
To say (how an act is to be performed) is (indeed) easy for any one; but far difficult it is to do according to what has been said.

The power in act of men renowned and great,
With King acceptance finds and Fame through all the state.
The firmness in action of those who have become great by the excellence (of their counsel) will, by attaining its fulfilment in the person of the King, be esteemed (by all).

Whate er men think, ev n as they think, may men obtain,
If those who think can steadfastness of will retain.
If those who have planned (an undertaking) possess firmness (in executing it) they will obtain what they have Desired even as they have Desired it.

Despise not men of modest bearing; Look not at form, but what men are:
For some there live, high functions sharing, Like linch pin of the mighty Car!
Let none be despised for (their) size; (for) the World has those who resemble the linch pin of the big rolling Car.

What clearly eye discerns as right, with steadfast will,
And mind unslumbering, that should man fulfil.
An act that has been firmly resolved on must be as firmly carried out without delay.

Though toil and trouble face thee, firm resolve hold fast,
And do the deeds that Pleasure yield at last.
Though it should cause increasing Sorrow (at the outset), do with firmness the act that yield bliss (in the end).

The World Desires not men of every power possessed,
Who power in act Desire not, Crown of all the rest.
The great will not esteem those who esteem not firmness of action, whatever other abilities the latter may possess.

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