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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.2 Ministers of State


2.2.3. Purity in Action

The good external help confers is worldly gain;
By action good men every needed gift obtain.
The efficacy of support will yield (only) Wealth; (but) the efficacy of action will yield all that is Desired.

From action evermore thyself restrain
Of glory and of good that yields no gain.
Ministers should at all times avoid acts which, in addition to Fame, yield no benefit (for the Future).

Who tell themselves that nobler things shall yet be won
All deeds that dim the light of glory must they shun.
Those who say, "we will become (better)" should avoid the performance of acts that would destroy (their Fame).

Though troubles press, no shameful deed they do,
Whose Eyes the ever during vision view.
Those who have infallible judgement though threatened with peril will not do acts which have brought disgrace (on former Ministers).

Do nought that Soul repenting must deplore,
If thou hast sinned, tis well if thou dost sin no more.
Let a Minister never do acts of which he would have to grieve saying, "what is this I have done"; (but) should he do (them), it were good that he grieved not.

Though her that bore thee hung ring thou behold, no deed
Do thou, that men of perfect Soul have Crime decreed.
Though a Minister may see his Mother starve; let him do not act which the wise would (treat with contempt).

Than store of Wealth guilt laden Souls obtain,
The sorest Poverty of perfect Soul is richer gain.
Far more excellent is the extreme Poverty of the wise than Wealth obtained by heaping up of sinful deeds.

To those who hate reproof and do forbidden thing.
What prospers now, in after days shall anguish bring.
The actions of those, who have not desisted from doing deeds forbidden (by the great), will, even if they succeed, cause them Sorrow.

What s gained through Tears with Tears shall go;
From loss good deeds entail harvests of blessings grow.
All that has been obtained with Tears (to the victim) will depart with Tears (to himself); but what has been by fair means; though with loss at first, will afterwards yield Fruit.

In pot of clay unburnt he Water pours and would retain,
Who seeks by wrong the realm in Wealth and safety to maintain.
(For a Minister) to protect (his King) with Wealth obtained by foul means is like preserving a Vessel of wet clay by filling it with Water.

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