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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.1 Royalty


2.1.24. Manly Effort

Say not, Tis hard in weak, desponding hour,
For strenuous effort gives prevailing power.
Yield not to the feebleness which says, "this is too difficult to be done"; labour will give the greatness (of mind) which is necessary (to do it).

In action be thou, ware of act s defeat;
The World leaves those who work leave incomplete!
Take care not to give up exertion in the midst of a work; the World will abandon those who abandon their unfinished work.

In strenuous effort doth reside
The power of helping others: noble pride!
The Lustre of munificence will dwell only with the dignity of laboriousness or efforts.

Beneficent intent in men by whom no strenuous work is wrought,
Like Battle axe in sexless being s hand availeth nought.
The liberality of him, who does not labour, will fail, like the manliness of a hermaphrodite, who has a Sword in its hand.

Whose Heart delighteth not in Pleasure, but in action finds delight,
He wipes away his Kinsmen s grief and stands the pillar of their might.
He who Desires not Pleasure, but Desires labour, will be a pillar to sustain his relations, wiping away their Sorrows.

Effort brings Fortune s sure increase,
Its absence brings to nothingness.
Labour will produce Wealth; idleness will bring Poverty.

In sluggishness is seen misfortune s lurid form, the wise declare;
Where man unslothful toils, she of the Lotus Flower is there!
They say that the Black Mudevi (the Goddess of adversity) dwells with laziness, and the Latchmi (the Goddess of prosperity) dwells with the labour of the industrious.

Tis no reproach unpropitious fate should ban;
But not to do man s work is foul disgrace to man!
Adverse fate is no disgrace to any one; to be without exertion and without knowing what should be known, is disgrace.

Though fate divine should make your labour vain;
Effort its labour s sure reward will gain.
Although it be said that, through fate, it cannot be attained, yet labour, with bodily exertion, will yield its reward.

Who strive with undismayed, unfaltering mind,
At length shall leave opposing fate behind.
They who labour on, without fear and without fainting will see even fate (put) behind their back.

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