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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.1 Royalty


2.1.20. Benignity

Since true benignity, that grace exceeding great, resides
In Kingly souls, World in happy state abides.
The World exists through that greatest Ornament (of Princes), a gracious demeanour.

The World goes on its wonted way, since grace benign is there;
All other men are burthen for the Earth to bear.
The prosperity of the World springs from the kindliness, the existence of those who have no (kindliness) is a burden to the Earth.

Where not accordant with the song, what use of sounding chords?
What gain of eye that no benignant light affords?
Of what avail is a song if it be inconsistent with harmony what is the use of Eyes which possess no kindliness.

The seeming eye of face gives no expressive light,
When not with duly meted Kindness bright.
Beyond appearing to be in the face, what good do they do, those Eyes in which is no well regulated Kindness

Benignity is Eyes adorning grace;
Without it Eyes are wounds disfiguring face.
Kind looks are the Ornaments of the Eyes; without these they will be considered (by the wise) to be merely Two sores.

Whose Eyes neath brow infixed diffuse no ray
Of grace; like tree in Earth infixed are they.
They resemble the trees of the Earth, who although they have Eyes, never look kindly (on others).

Eyeless are they whose Eyes with no benignant Lustre shine;
Who ve Eyes can never lack the light of grace benign.
Men without kind looks are men without Eyes; those who (really) have Eyes are also not devoid of kind looks.

Who can benignant smile, yet leave no work undone;
By them as very own may all the Earth be won.
The World is theirs (kings) who are able to show Kindness, without injury to their affairs, (administration of Justice).

To smile on those that vex, with kindly face,
Enduring long, is most excelling grace.
Patiently to bear with, and show Kindness to those who grieve us, is the most excellent of all dispositions.

They drink with smiling grace, though poison interfused they see,
Who seek the praise of all esteemed courtesy.
Those who Desire (to cultivate that degree of) urbanity which all shall Love, even after swallowing the poison served to them by their Friends, will be Friendly with them.

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