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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.1 Royalty


2.1.15. Cherishing one s Kindred

When Wealth is fled, old Kindness still to show,
Is kindly grace that only Kinsmen know.
Even when (a man s) property is all gone, relatives will act towards him with their accustomed Kindness().

The gift of kin s unfailing Love bestows
Much gain of good, like Flower that fadeless blows.
If (a man s) relatives remain attached to him with unchanging Love, it will be a source of ever increasing Wealth.

His joy of life who mingles not with Kinsmen gathered round,
Is Lake where streams pour in, with no encircling bound.
The Wealth of one who does not mingle freely with his relatives, will be like the filling of Water in a spacious tank that has no banks.

The Profit gained by Wealth s increase,
Is living compassed round by relatives in peace.
To live surrounded by relatives, is the advantage to be derived from the acquisition of Wealth.

Who knows the use of pleasant words, and liberal gifts can give,
Connections, heaps of them, surrounding him shall live.
He will be surrounded by numerous relatives who manifests generosity and affability.

Than one who gifts bestows and wrath restrains,
Through the wide World none larger following gains.
No one, in all the world, will have so many relatives (about him), as he who makes large gift, and does not give way to anger.

The Crows conceal not, call their Friends to come, then eat;
Increase of good such worthy ones shall meet.
The Crows do not conceal (their prey), but will call out for others (to share with them) while they eat it; Wealth will be with those who show a similar disposition (towards their relatives).

Where King regards not all alike, but each in his degree,
Neath such discerning rule many dwell happily.
Many relatives will live near a King, when they observe that he does not look on all alike, but that he looks on each man according to his merit.

Who once were his, and then forsook him, as before
Will come around, when cause of disagreement is no more.
Those who have been Friends and have afterwards forsaken him, will return and join themselves (to him), when the cause of disagreement is not to be found in him.

Who causeless went away, then to return, for any cause, ask leave;
The King should sift their motives well, consider, and receive!
When one may have left him, and for some cause has returned to him, let the King fulfil the object (for which he has come back) and thoughtfully receive him again.

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