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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.1 Royalty


2.1.11. Knowing the fitting Time

A Crow will conquer Owl in broad daylight;
The King that Foes would crush, needs fitting time to fight.
A Crow will overcome an Owl in the day time; so the King who would conquer his Enemy must have (a suitable) time.

The bond binds Fortune fast is ordered effort made,
Strictly obServant still of favouring season s aid.
Acting at the right season, is a cord that will immoveably bind success (to a King).

Can any work be hard in very fact,
If men use fitting means in timely act?
Is there anything difficult for him to do, who acts, with (the right) instruments at the right time

The pendant World s dominion may be won,
In fitting time and place by action done.
Though (a man) should meditate (the conquest of) the world, he may accomplish it if he acts in the right time, and at the right place.

Who think the pendant World itself to subjugate,
With mind unruffled for the fitting time must wait.
They who thoughtfully consider and wait for the (right) time (for action), may successfully meditate (the conquest of) the world.

The men of mighty power their hidden energies repress,
As fighting ram recoils to rush on Foe with heavier stress.
The self restraint of the energetic (while waiting for a suitable opportunity), is like the drawing back of a fighting ram in order to butt.

The glorious once of wrath enkindled make no outward show,
At once; they bide their time, while hidden fires within them glow.
The wise will not immediately and hastily shew out their Anger; they will watch their time, and restrain it within.

If Foes detested form they see, with patience let them bear;
When fateful hour at last they spy, the head lies there.
If one meets his Enemy, let him show him all respect, until the time for his destruction is come; when that is come, his head will be easily brought low.

When hardest gain of opportunity at last is won,
With promptitude let hardest deed be done.
If a rare opportunity occurs, while it lasts, let a man do that which is rarely to be accomplished (but for such an opportunity).

As Heron stands with folded wing, so wait in waiting hour;
As Heron snaps its prey, when Fortune smiles, put forth your power.
At the time when one should use self control, let him restrain himself like a Heron; and, let him like it, strike, when there is a favourable opportunity.

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