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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




2.1 Royalty


2.1.5 The Possession of Knowledge

True Wisdom wards off woes, A circling Fortress high;
Its inner strength man s eager Foes Unshaken will defy.
Wisdom is a Weapon to ward off destruction; it is an inner Fortress which Enemies cannot destroy.

Wisdom restrains, nor suffers mind to wander where it would;
From every Evil calls it back, and guides in way of good.
Not to permit the mind to go where it lists, to keep it from Evil, and to employ it in good, this is Wisdom.

Though things diverse from divers Sages Lips we learn,
Tis Wisdom s part in each the true thing to discern.
To discern the truth in every thing, by whomsoever spoken, is Wisdom.

Wisdom hath use of lucid Speech, words that acceptance win,
And subtle sense of other men s discourse takes in.
To speak so as that the meaning may easily enter the mind of the hearer, and to discern the subtlest thought which may lie hidden in the words of others, this is Wisdom.

Wisdom embraces frank the world, to no caprice exposed;
Unlike the Lotus Flower, now opened wide, now petals strictly closed.
To secure the Friendship of the great is true Wisdom; it is (also) Wisdom to keep (that Friendship unchanged, and) not opening and closing (like the Lotus Flower).

As dwells the world, so with the World to dwell
In harmony this is to wisely live and well.
To live as the World lives, is Wisdom.

The wise discern, the foolish fail to see,
And minds prepare for things about to be.
The wise are those who know beforehand what will happen; those who do not know this are the unwise.

Folly meets fearful ills with fearless Heart;
To fear where cause of fear exists is Wisdom s part.
Not to fear what ought to be feared, is folly; it is the work of the wise to fear what should be feared.

The wise with watchful Soul who coming ills foresee;
From coming Evil s dreaded shock are free.
No terrifying calamity will happen to the wise, who (foresee) and guard against coming Evils.

The wise is rich, with every blessing blest;
The fool is poor, of everything possessed.
Those who possess Wisdom, possess every thing; those who have not Wisdom, whatever they may possess, have nothing.

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