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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




1.3 Ascetic Virtue


1.3.6 Veracity

You ask, in Lips of men what truth may be;
Tis Speech from every taint of Evil free.
Truth is the speaking of such words as are free from the least degree of Evil (to others).

Falsehood may take the place of truthful word,
If blessing, free from fault, it can afford.
Even falsehood has the nature of truth, if it confer a benefit that is free from fault.

Speak not a word which false thy own Heart knows
Self kindled fire within the false one s spirit glows.
Let not a man knowingly tell a lie; for after he has told the lie, his mind will burn him (with the memory of his guilt).

True to his inmost Soul who lives, enshrined
He lives in Souls of all mankind.
He who, in his conduct, preserves a mind free from Deceit, will dwell in the minds of all men.

Greater is he who speaks the truth with full consenting mind.
Than men whose lives have penitence and charity combined.
He, who speaks truth with all his Heart, is superior to those who make gifts and practise austerities.

No praise like that of words from falsehood free;
This every Virtue yields spontaneously.
There is no praise like the praise of never uttering a falsehood: without causing any suffering, it will lead to every virtue.

If all your life be utter truth, the truth alone,
Tis well, though other virtuous acts be left undone.
If a man has the power to abstain from falsehood, it will be well with him, even though he practise no other Virtue.

Outward purity the Water will bestow;
Inward purity from truth alone will flow.
Purity of body is produced by Water and purity of mind by truthfulness.

Every lamp is not a lamp in wise men s sight;
That s the lamp with truth s pure radiance bright.
All lamps of nature are not lamps; the lamp of truth is the lamp of the wise.

Of all good things we ve scanned with studious care,
There s nought that can with truthfulness compare.
Amidst all that we have seen (described) as real (excellence), there is nothing so good as truthfulness.

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