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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




1.3 Ascetic Virtue


1.3.2 The Renunciation of Flesh

How can the wont of kindly grace to him be known,
Who other creatures Flesh consumes to feed his own?
How can he be possessed of Kindness, who to increase his own Flesh, eats the Flesh of other creatures.

No use of Wealth have they who guard not their estate;
No use of grace have they with Flesh who hunger sate.
As those possess no property who do not take care of it, so those possess no Kindness who feed on Flesh.

Like Heart of them that murderous Weapons bear, his mind,
Who eats of savoury meat, no joy in good can find.
Like the (murderous) mind of him who carries a Weapon (in his hand), the mind of him who feasts with Pleasure on the body of another (creature), has no regard for goodness.

What s grace, or lack of grace To kill is this, that not to kill
To eat dead Flesh can never worthy end fulfil.
If it be asked what is Kindness and what its opposite, the answer would be preservation and destruction of life; and therefore it is not right to feed on the Flesh (obtained by taking away life).

If Flesh you eat not, life s abodes unharmed remain;
Who eats, Hell swallows him, and renders not again.
Not to eat Flesh contributes to the continuance of life; therefore if a man eat Flesh, Hell will not open its mouth (to let him escape out, after he has once fallen in).

We eat the slain, you say, by us no living creatures die;
Who d kill and sell, I pray, if none came there the Flesh to buy?
If the World does not destroy life for the purpose of eating, then no one would sell Flesh for the sake of Money.

With other beings ulcerous wounds their hunger they appease;
If this they felt, Desire to eat must surely cease.
If men should come to know that Flesh is nothing but the unclean ulcer of a body, let them abstain from eating it.

Whose Souls the vision pure and passionless perceive,
Eat not the bodies men of life bereave.
The wise, who have freed themselves from mental delusion, will not eat the Flesh which has been severed from an Animal.

Than Thousand rich oblations, with libations rare,
Better the Flesh of slaughtered beings not to share.
Not to kill and eat (the Flesh of) an Animal, is better than the pouring forth of ghee etc., in a Thousand sacrifices.

Who slays nought, Flesh rejects his feet before
All living things with clasped hands adore.
All creatures will join their hands together, and worship him who has never taken away life, nor eaten Flesh.

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