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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




1.2 Domestic Virtue


1.2.20 Renown

See that thy life the praise of generous gifts obtain;
Save this for living man exists no real gain.
Give to the poor and live with praise. There is no greater Profit to man than that.

The Speech of all that speak agrees to Crown
The men that give to those that ask, with fair renown.
Whatsoever is spoken in the World will abide as praise upon that man who gives alms to the poor.

Save praise alone that soars on high,
Nought lives on Earth that shall not die.
There is nothing that stands forth in the World imperishable, except Fame, exalted in solitary greatness.

If men do virtuous deeds by World wide ample glory Crowned,
The Heavens will cease to laud the Sage for other gifts renowned.
If one has acquired extensive Fame within the limits of this Earth, the World of the Gods will no longer praise those sages who have attained that world.

Loss that is gain, and death of life s true bliss fulfilled,
Are Fruits which only Wisdom rare can yield.
Prosperity to the body of Fame, resulting in Poverty to the body of Flesh and the stability to the former arising from the death of the latter, are achievable only by the wise.

If man you walk the stage, appear adorned with glory s grace;
Save glorious you can shine, twere better hide your face.
If you are born (in this world), be born with qualities conductive to Fame. From those who are destitute of them it will be better not to be born.

If you your days will spend devoid of goodly Fame,
When men despise, why blame them? You ve yourself to blame.
Why do those who cannot live with praise, grieve those who despise them, instead of grieving themselves for their own inability.

Fame is Virtue s Child, they say; if, then,
You Childless live, you live the scorn of men.
Not to beget Fame will be esteemed a disgrace by the wise in this world.

The blameless Fruits of fields increase will dwindle down,
If Earth the burthen bear of men without renown.
The ground which supports a body without Fame will diminish in its rich produce.

Who live without reproach, them living men we deem;
Who live without renown, live not, though living men they seem.
Those live who live without disgrace. Those who live without Fame live not.

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