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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




1.2 Domestic Virtue


1.2.17 Dread of Evil Deeds

With sinful act men cease to feel the dread of ill within,
The excellent will dread the wanton pride of cherished sin.
Those who have experience of Evil deeds will not fear, but the excellent will fear the pride of sin.

Since Evils new from Evils ever grow,
Evil than fire works out more dreaded woe.
Because Evil produces Evil, therefore should Evil be feared more than fire.

Even to those that hate make no return of ill;
So shalt thou Wisdom s highest law, tis said, fulfil.
To do no Evil to Enemies will be called the chief of all Virtues.

Though good thy Soul forget, plot not thy Neighbour s fall,
Thy plans shall Virtue s Power by ruin to thyself forestall.
Even though Forgetfulness meditate not the ruin of another. Virtue will meditate the ruin of him who thus meditates.

Make not thy Poverty a plea for ill;
Thy Evil deeds will make thee poorer still.
Commit not Evil, saying, "I am poor": if you do, you will become poorer still.

What ranks as Evil spare to do, if thou would st shun
Affliction sore through ill to thee by others done.
Let him not do Evil to others who Desires not that Sorrows should pursue him.

From every enmity incurred there is to scape, a way;
The wrath of Evil deeds will Dog men s steps, and slay.
However great be the enmity men have incurred they may still live. The enmity of sin will incessantly pursue and kill.

Man s shadow Dogs his steps where er he wends;
Destruction thus on sinful deeds attends.
Destruction will dwell at the heels of those who commit Evil even as their shadow that leaves them not.

Beware, if to thyself thyself is dear,
Lest thou to aught that ranks as ill draw near!
If a man Love himself, let him not commit any sin however small.

The man, to devious way of sin that never turned aside,
From ruin rests secure, whatever ills betide.
Know ye that he is freed from destruction who commits no Evil, going to neither side of the right path.

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