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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




1.2 Domestic Virtue


1.2.12. The Possession of Patience, Forbearance

As Earth bears up the men who delve into her Breast,
To bear with scornful men of Virtues is the best.
To bear with those who revile us, just as the Earth bears up those who dig it, is the first of Virtues.

Forgiving trespasses is good always;
Forgetting them hath even higher praise;
Bear with reproach even when you can retaliate; but to forget it will be still better than that.

The sorest Poverty is bidding guest unfed depart;
The mightiest might to bear with men of foolish Heart.
To neglect Hospitality is Poverty of Poverty. To bear with the ignorant is might of might.

Seek st thou honour never tarnished to retain;
So must thou patience, guarding evermore, maintain.
If you Desire that greatness should never leave, you preserve in your conduct the exercise of patience.

Who wreak their wrath as worthless are despised;
Who patiently forbear as Gold are prized.
(The wise) will not at all esteem the resentful. They will esteem the patient just as the Gold which they lay up with care.

Who wreak their wrath have Pleasure for a day;
Who bear have praise till Earth shall pass away.
The Pleasure of the resentful continues for a day. The praise of the patient will continue until (the final destruction of) the world.

Though others work thee ill, thus shalt thou blessing reap;
Grieve for their sin, thyself from vicious action keep!
Though others inflict injuries on you, yet compassionating the Evil (that will come upon them) it will be well not to do them anything contrary to Virtue.

With overweening pride when men with injuries assail,
By thine own righteous dealing shalt thou mightily prevail.
Let a man by patience overcome those who through pride commit excesses.

They who transgressors Evil words endure
With patience, are as stern Ascetics pure.
Those who bear with the uncourteous Speech of the insolent are as pure as the Ascetics.

Though great we deem the men that fast and suffer pain,
Who others bitter words endure, the foremost place obtain.
Those who endure abstinence from Food are great, next to those who endure the uncourteous Speech of others.

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