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TIRUKKURAL of Tiruvalluvar, the Tamil poet




1.2 Domestic Virtue


1.2.11 Not coveting another s Wife

Who laws of Virtue and possession s rights have known,
Indulge no foolish Love of her by right another s own.
The folly of desiring her who is the property of another will not be found in those who know (the attributes of) Virtue and (the rights of) property.

No fools, of all that stand from Virtue s pale shut out,
Like those who longing lurk their Neighbour s gate without.
Among all those who stand on the outside of Virtue, there are no greater fools than those who stand outside their Neighbour s door.

They re numbered with the dead, even while they live, how otherwise?
With Wife of sure confiding Friend who Evil things devise.
Certainly they are no better than dead men who Desire Evil towards the Wife of those who undoubtingly confide in them.

How great soe er they be, what gain have they of life,
Who, not a whit reflecting, seek a Neighbour s Wife.
However great one may be, what does it avail if, without at all considering his guilt, he goes unto the Wife of another

Mere triflel saying thus, invades the home, so he ensures.
A gain of guilt that deathless aye endures.
He who thinks lightly of going into the Wife of another acquires guilt that will abide with him imperishably and for ever.

Who home ivades, from him pass nevermore,
Hatred and Sin, Fear, foul Disgrace; these Four.
Hatred, sin, fear, disgrace; these Four will never leave him who goes in to his Neighbour s Wife.

Who sees the Wife, another s own, with no desiring eye
In sure domestic bliss he dwelleth ever virtuously.
He who Desires not the Womanhood of her who should walk according to the will of another will be praised as a virtuous house holder.

Manly excellence, that looks not on another s Wife,
Is not Virtue merely, tis full propriety of life.
That noble manliness which looks not at the Wife of another is the Virtue and dignity of the great.

Who re good indeed, on Earth begirt by ocean s gruesome tide?
The men who touch not her that is another s bride.
Is it asked, "who are those who shall obtain good in this World surrounded by the terror producing Sea Those who touch not the shoulder of her who belongs to another.

Though Virtue s bounds he pass, and Evil deeds hath wrought;
At least, tis good if Neighbour s Wife he covet not.
Though a man perform no virtuous deeds and commit (every) Vice, it will be well if he Desire not the Womanhood of her who is within the limit (of the house) of another.

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